Shine lil' Stars - A Directing Exprience / Writers NEEDED

Hey everyone, I’m starting a New Episode Story, and are looking for pitches and writers. Each submission will be looked at by me personally, and you will be notified if your suggestion in accepted/picked. PAY will NOT be PROVIDED. I am so excited to get submissions, and will treat this just like a big-shot audition.

*Username (list nicknames, optional)
Favorite Story Genre, optional (*GENRE, you want the story to be)
*Pitch/Writing Cover Letter (Tell me about you, your projects, ideas, and anything extra!)
*Availability (Time you can spare per day, etc.)

Thank you,

Submission slots close June 8th at 2:45.

What exactly is the submission? Something written or directed?

@Stargazer54, Written.

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Could it be something of a short story or does it have to be something longer? This seems like something that would be a cool project, but I don’t think I’d have time to write something long.

@Stargazer54, You can write a short story (coded) in Google Docs and share it with me, and I’ll extend it for you. I’ll give you credit for your ideas, and I’ll also add that I extended scenes.

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