SHIP NAME *important

I need a ship name for my new characters.
It would be very helpful.

Their names are… Elena and Rylan.
Try to figure out some cute names for it. I NEED it.
ily x

this name is not cute atleast i dont think it is but maybe

Maybe, I don’t know.

How about Rylena?

thats cute u could use that

cracks knuckles
You’ll be obsessed with all my shipper expertise.
Some possible combinations:
Eylan, Rylena, Ryena, Eleyan, Ean, Rena.
If you tell me about their personalities and/or relationship I can do more based off of that. Example: Partners In Crime


Example: strangers who know nothing about each other.

It’d be helpful to either get more details or something like a cute moment. Like for example one could be wearing a sweater and the other could be wearing a vest and their ship name could be sweatervest y’know?
In the meantime I’ll try to think of something for complete strangers

Elylan & Rylena are cute!

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Looks like I want Rylena.

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Good choice! Here’s a list of all possible names that I calculated with the help of a machine just in case you want to look them over.
elena & rylan
elan, elen, elenn, ellan, elelan, elenan, elylan, erylan, elenlan, elrylan, elenalan, elenylan, elerylan, elenrylan
rylan & elena
rena, ryla, ryna, rlena, rylna, relena, rylana, rylena, rylanna, ryllena, rylalena, rylanena, rylelena, rylanlena

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ahh I like erylan and rylana!!
but also rylena. xD

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Thank you for these ideas but I’m stuck with Rylena. :blush:
Now my story is about to be published. I’m still waiting for my cover to be accepted.
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It’s a gem and I fell in love with it and I know you will too. :wink:


Ah cool, hope I helped!

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