Ship or Skip? (GAME)


Daphne and Fred?


Ship! :heart:
Troy and Gabriella? - HSM (High School Musical)


Raven and Devon (from thats so raven)


OMG! Ship! :heart:
Superman and Lois Lane (Justice League)



Tove Lo and Flume
(music makers)


Dont know.
Berry and Iris(the flash)


Ummm ship but I’m still torn between Snowbarry and Westallen

Christina and Will from Divergent?


Don’t know
Hermione and ron(Harry Potter)


Nah I’m team Harrmione

Anna and Akio from @anby 's Your Silhuette? :blush:


Don’t know.
Ross and Rachel(idk)


From Friends? Yes, I ship them :smile:

Sabrina Spellman and Harvey Kinkle? :mage: :love_letter:


Sheldon and Amy



Clary Fairchild/Frey and Jace Wayland?


Iris and Berry?


Ugh, I don’t know :persevere: Let’s say ship because Nora is awesome :hugs: We don’t have season 5 here yet :confused:

Artemis Fowl and Minerva ForgotHerSurname?


I thought it came out October 9th?

I don’t know.
Harry and Ginny (I don’t even know anymore)


It did in America and probably bigger countries, but my country is very small and unknown etc. so we have a lot more wait time :expressionless:

Skip! Herrmione forever!

Forgot to add lolJason and Piper - Heroes of Olympus?


offies. I can’t watch it etheir yet cause I have to wait to watch it with someone. And it’s really annoying seeing the ads everywhere


Gaston and Lefou from Beauty and The Beast? Lol🌈


Ship cause why tf not!

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter?