Ship or Skip? (GAME)


Skip, no idea who they are :joy:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber?



Sherlock and Watson (BBC version)


No idea who they are :sob::joy::joy:

Jack & Rose? (Titanic)


Ship (close to a skip) (And how do you not know who Sherlock Holmes is?)

Tohru Sohm and Kyo



lmao what

Yuno Gassai and Yukki? (My future diary - Mirai Nikki)


Never heard lol

Danny Wheeler and Riley


Aren’t they from that Disney channel show?
Uh… girl meets world?? :joy:

If they are then… DIP

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik?



No they are not from girl meets world, they are from Baby daddy

Leiah and Han Solo


again, dunno who they are

Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper? (RIVERDALE)


I hate riverdale … (And you don’t know star wars characters? What is wrong with you, you know nothing about film or literature I mean I can forgive Han Solo and Leiah, but Sherlock Holmes? Everybody knows him)

@Toxic.Dreams and Tamara Chambers (from Tamara’s never seen section of Channel Awesome)


wth… is…okay.

Star Wars to me = ew

erm, but dip anyways


Umm what does DIP mean?


Another word for skip


Shall i restart :laughing:

Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf?


Dunno who that is

Sonja Sterle and Ante the son of Ante? (Sonja and the bull)


Don’t know.

Eren and Mikasa (Attack on Titan)


Dont know either

Draco and Hermione


Anikan and Padmé?


Skip (she was better off with Ben Kenobi)

Zero Moustafa and Agatha? (The Grand Budapest Hotel)


I don’t know them :sweat_smile:

Loren Gray and Harvey