Ship or Skip? (GAME)


Don’t know them

Hermione and Draco?


Skip, I’m more of a harrmione fan

Neo and Trinity from The Matrix? (this movie is so amazing, you have to watch it!)



Daenerys and Jon Snow :heart_eyes:(Game Of Thrones)


I definitely ship them😍


You’re playing the game wrong


sksksk larvey for life :heart:


Little German and Jon? ( The lovely one)


Don’t know.
Aaron and Annabelle? (from the dark prince and annabelle)


Aelin and Rowan (from Throne of Glass series…Nobody but me has probably read it!)


Then how am i supposed to play the game?


You say if you ship them or not and then you write another couple so others can say if they ship them or not … For instance, In the latest example you can see

Then the reply

And skyler said he ships them , but then he wrote,

the couple he wants to know if the other person ships them or not


Ohh now i get it, thanks!




Don’t watch GoT

Declan and Anna (Leap Year)