Ship or Skip? (GAME)


Meh, its alright!

Jermy and Ryan (Mods)? XD for fun.


No. I’m more of a Jeremy × Trinady fan myself.

MC × Tommy (Bad Boy Bachelor)

I chose him and got the good ending; I never liked Peter anyway.


Hehe, same. and I did too. Ship.

Camshell? (Cameron and Seashell Fairytaled)


Shippity Ship Ship :grin:

Vivian and Edward (Pretty Woman)?


Dunno :open_mouth:

Bethany AND Alex? (Jumanji 2)


(Moderator’s sidenote: Jughead asexuality only became (arguably) canon very recently, in the Chip Zdarsky comics, up until then he’s only been portrayed as disinterested in girls and specifically resistant to poor Big Ethel. He was invented in the 1940’s so there really wasn’t a cultural awareness of asexuality at the time :slight_smile: )


Uh, ship? Maybe?

Charlotte and Bob (Lost In Translation)?


I say ship. Even though Jonah is not gay.


Im sorry i need ur shipping

So I’ll just go,

Caillou and Dora


Um… skip.

Dongtae and Mio? (DICE)


Ship. I am not one of those peeps that fanatically hate that one girl, but I don’t think she’s right for Dongtae at all.

Chief Dana and Osu (I Don’t Want this Kind of Hero)


Idk Peeta and Katniss


Ebony Darkn’ess Dementia Raven Way × Draco Malfoy. (From My Immortal)


OMG! Like, totally SHIP!

Nolan Cassidy × That one shirtless dude (Fairytale~d)


Idk them. Skip I guess.

Mason and April? (The Shaw Brothers) (EWWWW)


Noooo Christopher and April all the way
Christopher and April ? :joy:


SHIP SHIP SHIP (It’s Apricot not April :joy:)

Ummmm… Derek and Litzy? (COMPLICATED)


Ahahah of course :blush:
Lincoln and Madison?



(I have nothing else in mind so I’m just gonna go with episode characters)
Violet and August? (Fine Line)


I have not opened Episode for a long time :sob:

Cricket and Yeah09 :wink: :joy: