Ship or Skip? (GAME)


Nope, she belongs with Scar :wink:

Eleven and Mike? (Stranger Things)



Kevin and Moose (Riverdale)


Sure, although I ship him and Joaquin more.

Han and Leia (Star Wars)?



@Lady-Mehek × Rick Astley?


… Sk(h)ip.

Nolan x Isabelle? :thinking: (Fairytale-d)


Maybe a bit :blush:

Kace and Adaline? (Fairytaled)?


Not a clue, sorry! :sunglasses:

Kendall Parkerns (From COMPLICATED on Episode) And The Person Below Me? :joy:


SHIPPPP :joy::joy: jk I ship Ainsley and Kendall :heart_eyes:

Jade and Riot from The Shaw Brothers?


Yeah, why not. The brunette’s fine anyway…

Niklaus and Hayley (The Originals)?




Idk who they are, but sure!

Idk if this allowed or not, but me and my crush?



My character and Peter (Bad Boy bachelor)


Yeah, why not?

Claire and Owen (Jurassic World)



Lydia and Stiles (Teen Wolf)


Don’t know :grimacing:
Capricot? (Christopher & April from the Shaw Brothers)


You decide on behalf of me xD

The person below me X the person above me?



Skip lol

Jade and Landon? (The New Girl)


Shippity Shippy Ship! :grin:

Dante And Kiara (It’s Just An Illusion)?



Me and you?


I don’t know you haha so skip.

Callie and Trey : Chain Reaction?