Ship or Skip? (GAME)



Sky and Chase? (Soulbound)


Haven’t read that story…?

MC and Carnell? (Beyond the Stage)



Draco and Hermione?


Yeah I shipped it because it would go against everything Draco has ever known and showed that his love for her would overcome his prejudice. However I think her and Ron are cute too.

The MC and Alex in the Demi Lovato stories


SHIP. I loved them

MC and Oliver in The Tutor


I haven’t read it.

Nick and Liane? (Adrenaline)


Skip. :slight_smile:
(Actually I don’t remember who Nick is XD)

Nolan x Aura (Fairytale-d!)

Please spare mi life.


I ship it. It will be heartily amusing.

Mr. Collins × Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)


Ship! :kissing_heart:

Purple and Orange (Do the colors go together)?



Chocolate and Strawberry? (yuck)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art


Skip (I. Frickin’. Hate. Strawberries!)

Fire and Ice?



(And I just joined to say that Lizzie x Darcy are 1000x better than Lizzie and Collins and that he is awful)

Red oni and blue oni?



Sony x Samsung


Skip :thinking:

Cletus and MC? (The Ruby Tiara)

@SilverStar loves art


Ummmm ship? (idk I stopped reading ;-; )

Gin (from Hotarubi no Mori E) and Aohebe :heart_eyes:


I dunno. It’s your name so yeah. Otherwise you’d kill this bish :smile:

Ryan Guzman and The Person Below Me? LOL :joy:


Great choice there, AS007. :smiling_imp:

No. He’s probably a married man. So skip. XD

Ryan and Jeremy? (Idk if this has been shipped before but who cares XD)



Charlie puth and Dhawn Mendes


Whose Dhawn BTW? :joy: And if it’s Shawn, then nah.

@k.w.episode AND @Brooklyn_writes?


Skip. Sorry but I’m straight. :grin:
@SilverStar and @Secretz_lol :joy: remember that couples fight on ridiculous bans :rofl:
oh and @SilverStar loves Episode :angel: