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Hey everyone! My name is Shiran and I’m an Episode author and director.

You must be thinking to yourself; yo this girl’s weird why should i read her weirdass story for a review from her?

So the answer is because I am honest.
I believe that If you really want to improve yourself as an Episode author you can’t just relay about reviews from people who tried to be nice and soft.
Of course I’m not going to cut u off and say mean stuff but I’m not going to hide my true thoughts.

So how is it works?
You must read all of the chapters (8) of my story Santa’s Naughty List. You don’t need to review mine unless u want to and you have to send me SS to prove that you read all of it

In return, after you finish reading mine,
I am going to read all of your story ( it can be 3 chapters and it can be 20+, i will read yours anyway) and judge it based of your Directing, Plot, Character development and Creativity.
I will not judge grammar as I’m not a native speaker and I have some errors myself.

You must provide me:

Author’s name:
Number of chapters:

Reviews might take time; its up to how many people are requesting and don’t forget I usually only have 4 tickets every few hours.

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Note: my time zone is GMT+3 so don’t be mad at me if i dont answer right away😂


I would like a full review.
Title name: Kotton Kandie
Author name: PrettyEri
Episodes: 5
Genre: comedy
Story Style: Ink
Description: Kandie’s finally free from an abusive marriage. Now it’s time for her to start anew - with a stalkerish ex-husband on her tail. Help her navigate through life. Choices matter.
Link: 1
Cover : bb7fc107e5e8ffd4fa273e35ce11aa1f4b91ecf3_1_361x500


I actually already read yours and u almost read mine so just send me a ss that u finished mine
Im starting to work of your review now



Yay good! Im working on your review now


Awesome and thank you!


Heya @Mehaslim2

I’ll tell you in advance but @PrettyEri 's story is a delightful read! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yeah i know i really loved it😂!!!


YASSS :sob::pray:


@Days and @Mehaslim2 Awww :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Kotton Kandie

Plot and Creativity : The plot is good and also , I didn’t see or notice any holes and it seems like it goes smoothly! It isn’t 100% original but the way you wrote it is definitely creative!
Diversity: Most of your characters are African Americans and I understand it suits the settings so It’s okay that your diversity isn’t full because it’s not needed. also I love how her counselor is muslim. :slight_smile:
Character development: There’s no much to talk about because I didn’t notice any but your story has just begun so It’s normal.
Directing: Your directing is still basic and I think the reading experience will be improved if you use more advanced directing. it isn’t bad though as I didn’t notice any errors.

overall your story is good, I really enjoyed reading it and I can feel your heart in it! the characters are good and the love interests are fine :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
I also enjoyed your writing style and I really think it can be improved with advanced directing!
Kandie is savage btw and I hope you give her a good ending because she deserves it <3

I am going to follow your story because I love it :slight_smile:


Thank you! :purple_heart::purple_heart: I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Hey, I’d like to get a review. I’ll start reading your story today.
Author’s name: Teddy’s Dollhose
Number of chapters: 3
Summary: Zen had a beautiful childhood with his father until his 10th birthday. Everything changes after he met a woman who claims to be his mother.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy


Sure I will review it :slight_smile: