Shishtar I love ya!



when I was little my parents told me not to strangers online , yet one of them become my best friend.
With every single conversation we become more closer , and here we are now . When we first met I didn’t imagine us being best friend , we started talking from July and I feel like it’s been forever , even if we live in different countries it doesn’t matter ,
Sometimes I think you know me better than I do. You were there for me when I needed someone, time differences set aside, and I’m more than grateful for that. You’re thousands of miles away from me but you’re so close to my heart, and I want ya to know something
always together , never apart , maybe in distance but never in heart
I can’t wait to see you in front of me so no more distance between us , but for now
you’re my best friend , my human diary , my other half , you mean the world to me I love ya @sofia2


awww thank ya gurllll!


No thank you for being my bestie




Ghostie :joy::joy: