Shoes: Uneven shoes

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this… but…
It’s uneven… And it hurts… I mean maybe when they made these they thought it brought some perspective to have one side being shorter than the other or something… But this just hurts… I’ve had shoes like these before, and they DO NOT behave like this.
Can someone please edit these? I mean, sure not that many people will be seeing people’s shoes in most scenes in your generic episode, but while making the character, they just see these and… Please…


That is a very unsatisfying pair of shoes. :crazy_face:

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Don’t ever zoom in on the shoes XD ok sorry that was not helpful at all. I actually think they look unique and I have noticed some shoe glitches, like sometimes the character’s feet will be sticking right out of the shoe (I mean come on, you’re telling me they increased shoe size that fast in the story?) Nope. Anyways, it’s ok, it’s not that noticeable. Just use an overlay to always over the feet. lol, ok sorry, but in my honest opinion, it looks kinda unique, cool, and different. And am sure the Episode team will fix clothing glitches like this. In the meantime, don’t let it bother you! :sparkling_heart:

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She is wearing someone else’s shoe as well as a shoe of her own-to go against the norms. :sunglasses:


my OCD is triggering

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