Shona's Beta Reading and Reviews..(open).. let me help you

Hie… so I would love to help Authors with beta reading and Reviewing their story. I have done this before and would love to help people. I will do one story per day if story. I will give my honest remarks and point out errors in spelling and grammar. Also I will point out if there are any other errors that is needed to be checked.
Fill this form and I will let you know when I will be doing your proof reading. All the information about my remarks about your story will be given to you by PM once I read it. The Reviews will be given down below… with all the points. Let me help you. You can also dm me on Instagram and can follow me there, my Instagram id is @shona_episode and @Shona4b.
Also leave a message if filling the form… you can also put your story details here for convenience.

I have sent one. :dango:

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I will get back to you within a day with my remarks.

I have pm you… there is an error… kindly check it and then I can check your story… when I open it, it shows this story has error… once you check out it then let me know… so I can read it.

@PrettyEri I saw your form. I have read first chapter and will read other chapters soon… I will give the remarks by PM by or before tomorrow.


@Shona4b I have changed it :smiley:

Yeah… I will check it out… and give you remarks soon…

Thank you so much!

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I have completed with your story’s beta reading. I have PM you. Just check it out.

Hie… I have completed with reading and analysing your story… I will pm you now with details of my remarks…

Check your PM… I have sent my review…

Thank you and I will ask you to review again in the near future.

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Sure… i would love to help you.

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