Shona's Reviews and Beta Reading requests.....! (closed)



Hello, people. I am doing reviews and beta reading. The request is open again. This is not a read for read**. I will Review your story with complete honesty and without any partiality.** The link is given down below. just fill the form and leave the message if you have filled the form. or else just message me down below with story details. I can also do shoutouts through my Instagram account on request and if you need detailed analysis you can request for that too. you have to mention that specifically. I am here to help you guys. I have done many reviews and detailed analysis and I can assure you that you can count on me… - with love, Shona4b.
you can also contact me on my Instagram account i.e. @shona_episode.
Requests Open
Link Down below.


Hello @Shona4b I just fill the request. :smile: I hope you could do me a review.

This is my story.

Story title: Rewinded life.

Author name: Lia Lopez.

What would you do if a galactic being gives you the power to go back and change situations that escapes from your hands?

Genre: Comedy, romance, life.

Episodes: 5 (Working on chapter 6.)(Ongoing.)


My instagram: lia_lopez_episode

Cover: Pending review.


Send me a fanmail once you read my story :grin:.

Title of the story : Trail Of Tears
Name of the author : Cindy
Story genre : Drama/Romance
Description : A girl who goes through a lot in her life. Some days are good and some days are bad she wants to just be a normal girl that does not have to run away from her problems. CC
Link :
Style : Ink
Episodes : 16


Hi I filled out the form! Thank you!


@LiaLopez @IDONTKNOWREAL @Cindy your request has been accepted. i will post my reviews as soon as possible. please bare with me. also, once i have done my reviews i will inform you and post it on my instagram.

  • with love Shona4b


Thank you!


Many thanks @Shona4b :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Thanks for making this thread! :blush:

A few days ago I published my first story. I would appreciate it if you read it and give me your genuine feedback. :nerd_face:

I’m writing this story about a year and a half and now I’m revamping the episodes before publishing. Any recommendations/improvements are more than welcome.

Thank you in advance.

P.S: English isn’t my first language, but I’m trying my best.

Title: Different Worlds
Author: dkr_episodes
Genre: Rom-Com
Description: That sassy mouth of yours, puts you in more trouble than you thought. Especially since Gabe Milinghton, a sexy jerk, has set his eyes on you. This ain’t gonna be good, honey.


@dkr_episodes your request has been accepted. i will give my feedback and reviews as soon as possible.


can you give me your instagram id. i will need it after i have done the review, for posting it.


send me the intagram id for the posting of review.


Yes of course!

It’s dkr_episodes.

Thank you in advance!


I actually don’t have Instagram… is that okay?


of course no problem. where do you want me to give your reviews at?


Same I don’t have an Instagram but I could take my review in PM?


Can you by any chance PM it to me? Sorry for the inconvenience.


sure, no issues. @granolias yours is a beta reading so, i will anyways pm you. and when you publish it, i can post on instagram so that people can know about your story. that is only if you want. but that is for later.


no inconvinience, its alright. i will PM you.
{ and personal suggetion, you should make insta id as it will help you promote your story. ofcourse it upto you. that is just my suggestion. dont mind me.}


Okay, thank you.


Thank you!