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:warning: DISCLAIMER- This Review is not meant to discourage or offend author in any way. This Review is solely based on my opinion of how I see it. It’s only for encouragement.
Name of the Story- Two to Tango
Authors Name- Granolis
Instagram ID- (not known)
Story Description- Snacks and watching movies is all that you’ve lived for. Until Walves- A Powerful agency, Takes you in. Seems like the tanginess of the flavor has only begun.
Genre- Drama
Chapters- 3
• The start of the story is simple but interesting, and as the plot develops, the story gets more intriguing.
• When she finally gets into the Walves, her real journey starts, but that is yet to come.
• So far, the story developed is really nice and interesting.
• The spelling and grammatical errors are not noticeable.
• Zooms and directing is done nicely, no major errors.
Overall (opinion) - (52/60) – Overall, I would like to say, good plot and nice story. All the best for the further chapters.:+1::+1:


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