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hey guys!!! if u don’t have a background or don’t know what u want it to be don’t worry I can put a background that fits your story best I also do outfits so u don’t have to stress to get everything done if u don’t have the time or just don’t feel like it.

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BACKGROUND:I will be making background for your profile
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Can someone make a cover for me for my story?
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I need someone to make me a cover <3
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Art Cover Without Commission

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Title: The Unexpected
Author: Shahd
Character details: Body: Female athletic body, rose 4
Brows: Arched natural, deep brown
Hair: Sleek ponytail, ginger red
Eyes: Female generic, ice blue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined natural
Lips: Full heart pouty, pink peach medium gloss

Outfit details:


Sad, angry, happy, love: Angry!

I am also gonna make this a bit hard on you sorry!!”:sob:
IF you can could you make her hair like this?

All flowing and stuff?
But if you can’t could you change her hair style to Long Straight Loose Solid, and then keep half her hair in it’s normal color and the other half i Copper Red? But at the same keep one eye the same color and the other Red? The copper red hair is at the same side of the red eye. Same thing for the swirly hair if you decided to make it!
Sorry! I know it’s a lot!


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Don’t overwork yourself please!

tell me if there is anything you would like to change


Could you please just like edit half the hair to be copper red and the other ginger red, and one ice is ice blue and the other red?

I just saw the eyes! I didn’t see them properly! Just the hair then please!


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a5e12005f2ce992c76d3c85696ac7a4288942c8e_2_348x500 (1)


Thank you!

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Do you want me to credit you?

you can if u want all i ask is if u tell other people about the shop and your welcome

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You made it perfectly and in such a short time! I AM STILL SHOKED! You can bet I’ll definitely recommend you!

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awe thank you

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You deserve it! :star_struck:

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Sweetie, do you do ink edits ?

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