Short Cropped Hair


What are your guys’s opinions on short cropped hair for guys? Do you like it or do you think it’s overused?
If so, what are some of your fav hairstyles for guys? I’m stressing over choosing a hairstyle for my male love interest and was originally gonna just go with short cropped but every story i read, the main male love interest has short cropped hair. I’m thinking i wanna try something new but if everyone likes that style then maybe i should just go with it. Idkkk, i’m hella conflicted. Leave your opinions and hair suggestions down below. Tyyyy. :purple_heart:


Short cropped hair looks nice but my fav is Unstyled Faux Hawk!
And yes I do see it being overused but it is beautiful. Every hairstyle for INK is awesome and the guy will look amazing, regardless of what’s on his head :heart:


lol its fine for me, idc about the hair but the story!


I like it. It’s one of about the 5 choices that I seem to pick when I customize a character. But yeah, it is over done in terms of bad boys always have black cropped hair. Even in CC stories, the cover usually has it anyway. And tbh, I’m starting to get confused with stories because so many have the same looking love interest

I think the hair is a good way to show someone’s personality though, so if it suits the guy then keep it short cropped. But if you think another hairstyle reflects who he is better, then go with it.


My favourite hair styles are:
Short cropped
Man bun


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I’m actually not super fond of most of the hairstyles, to be honest. Not that I dislike them at all, they’re drawn well, but I just don’t gravitate towards any in particular.

I just prefer the hair style to match the personality, mostly. I don’t like it when they don’t seem to be very cohesive in terms of character design.