Short Episode Stories



My opinion may differ. To me is neither long nor short haha. Here are the lengths.
1408 lines for 1st episode
1587 lines for 2nd episode
771 lines for 3rd episode
1039 lines for 4th episode
2023 lines for the 5th episode


Lol, I don’t need the lengths, just time, since there could be lots of branching in there that takes up many lines. Idk, I can’t determine your story from your lines because I don’t know if it was all just dialogue with very few choices :sweat_smile:

When you played your story, roughly how long did the episode last when you timed it? :thinking:


I could recommend my own story : ) give it a read if you want, the episodes are around 10 minutes, no more than that so it should be fine.

My story

My story: What If You Were Famous?
Description: Do you imagine how you life would be if you were famous? Would you have what it takes not to get hurt? CharacterCustomization, LoveInterestCustomization, LGBT&StraightOptions


And if you need other story recommendations it’d be.

  • Love, Julien, by Sarah Kieser. A sweet, tragic, love story.
  • The Infected, by Caitoriri. An apocaliptic fiction story.
  • Dream And The Dreamer, by Nour D. Best directing I’ve ever seen.
  • Oblivion, by Kylie. The shortest one.

No specific order, I find them very addictive and are my favorite short episode stories!


My story is roughly about these times. I type at an average pace.

1st Episode with 1408 lines: 15 mins 47sec 56 mili sec
2nd Episode with 1587 lines: 17 mins 78 sec
3rd Episode with 771 lines: 8 mins 64 sec
4th Episode with 1039 lines: 11 mins 64 sec
5th Episode with 2023 lines: 22 mins 67 sec


Hey, thank you so much for suggesting on this thread! :blue_heart:

I’ll be sure to add them to my favs xoxo


Ooo I’ll add you to my story list


It’s a bit longer than I expected :sweat_smile:

But I’ll add it to my favs, it sounds interesting :smile:



It’s not the minority really. Episodes data show that maximum readers prefer shorter episodes( they get more retention) only 5% of readers are on forums

POLL: How long episodes / chapters should be?

Oh wow, that’s cool ^^

I thought most readers preferred average length episodes but I guess not XD

Sometimes, I see readers complain about episodes being too short :thinking:

Oh man, when did Episode post these data? I missed out on seeing them :sweat_smile:


@Nusair do you know where I can see these data? :thinking: :sparkling_heart:


It was in the old forums I guess. Also featured writers such as Langdon have shared this fact.


I’ll wait until Episode publishes stats on this or makes polls on it to show the Episode length majority of readers who voted prefer :thinking: Hmm, this is my first time hearing of this :thinking:
I hope I can see the data soon :woman_shrugging:
:smile_cat: :sparkles:


I’ve heard this, but only ever as a rumour… and not that people prefer it, just that because they’re short episodes, it helps with reader retention because people finish it quicker and want to find out what happens next, so they can - and will - binge read it… This part seems likely to me, because I cannot tell you how many episodes I start, then I get interrupted and then when I come back I completely forget that I never finished the episode until the author updates again and then I realise I was still in the middle of one. LOL


Yeah, I think that if episodes are short, it will be helpful for reader retention, too, but was confused about the preference part :thinking: :revolving_hearts:


If you look through fanmails, short episodes are definitely not popular :joy:


Yeah true :rofl:

Thanks for clearing everything up @amberose , you’re super awesome :smile_cat: :sparkling_heart:


You can read my story if you want! The chapters are not too long.
Name: The fragments of the past
Author: Kate B


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Harp Bridge Heights by Asher. It’s a murder mystery story, relatively short episodes and LGBT+


title: Unexpected Murder

Author: Angeliciqra

descripition: When you and your bestfriend get invited to a halloween party, you have mixed emotions when you find out there’s a killer on the loose?!