Short episodes or long episodes



So, I’m just currently writing my first story and I want to know from you guys what do you prefer, longer episodes or shorter episodes?
Because I generally love lengthy chapters than the short ones, sort of like Dripping Mascara.


Hey, for me it depends. Sometimes I like large episodes more and sometimes smaller episodes. But my preference goes to episodes which are around 15-25 minutes long.


Same here, I prefer the lengthy stories, it just gives me more time to absorb everything in. However, it will depend on if there is good content and not just an overly stretched story.


15 minutes to around 20 minutes is my personal sweet spot.

It gives time for you to sink in what is happening as well as feeling like a good pass being spent.


YES! I always feel like I’ve been robbed of a pass because the episode was so short. XD


I get a bit annoyed, I won’t lie - so I ensure that personally my episodes are within the 15 min mark or else I even get annoyed at that.

I like some episodes which feel like mini movies as well - if it is well-directed and enjoyable to read I am on board but I need some time to read it haha

However when episodes are too long then it can be a pain in the butt to read as there have been instances where I just hope the episode ends just then but then there is more


I guess I love reading long episodes. Personally for me, I like reading stories with only a few chapters which are long and detailed, rather than a lot of short episodes without any quality.

Not trying to be rude in any way :sweat_smile:


15 minutes is a good base to reach. And it does depend on the genre of the story and the direction you take it in. Overly long episodes that are stretched with very little content can be the biggest pain to me.


I actually like long episodes that are in a long storyline. But, again it depends on the story.


I prefer short episodes : )


Want to suggest any to me? :slight_smile:


Would love to!
The End of Innocence by Kim B (I found the chapters length short but enjoyable and my friend Alexandria has episodes that are the perfect length for me-like her story Infamous Topdogs)


Thank you for that, will definitely be checking that out now.