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Hi again, following from my post 4 days ago, I have decided to tweak my story a bit, now that I missed the deadline to enter the previous contest. So my idea is to make a Detective Series and have mini stories. So my question for seeking your feedback and advice is, how long should each short story be when it involves solving a crime?

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For writing a mystery is solving the mystery in episode 3 too soon, when it comes to a crime mystery or should I extend it out as far as I can. What will grab the attention of the reader is really what I am asking.

It depends. How long will your story be? If its a short story, solving the mystery in ep 3 or 4 (again, depending on how many episodes you make it) should be good enough. It also depends on your plot. For example, @amberose’s clue entry had a separate mystery for each episode. If you want to roll like that, by all means, thats okay. But if its one mystery thats solved in ep3, you might want to drag it out and add more suspense.


Well I want my story to have what happens after the ‘crime’, the affects of the crime and possibly create a cliffhanger down the track. My first ep was a bit of a set up of the story leading to the crime, then leaving episode 1 with the crime then ep 2 was setting up clues, then another cliffhanger, now ep 3 is finding the motive for the crime and finishing the ep 3 solving the crime and then go on from there.

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So is this specific crime the main plot or point of your story? Or is this crime just an obstacle that the MC has to face to get to a specific point?

Main plot.

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