Short story -Elain-


Hey guys!
Basically this is a short story and you can add on to it!
Don’t swear or say anything mean
Be creative and fun!

MC is Elain. Today should have been like any other day, school, gossiping with my best friend Meg checking out the hot football players…But it wasn’t. Today I did something horrible. Today I-


Murdered someone. Wow. Saying it to myself scares me. It all started this morning and I was–


getting ready for school. I had put my clothes on and brushed my hair. I was about to eat breakfast when I got the message. The message said-


Message: Look out she knows.

I look down at my phone shocked beyond measure.Who knows…what does this even mean? I look around the table—


my brother sees my shocked face and my phone in my hand as he is about to take a sip of his tea. He stops and asks “Everything alright?”. Yeah just Meg being an idiot like always I replied. Phew I thought. How can I keep this a secret for my family?


Mom looked at me for a moment and smiled.” Well I hope you enjoy school today.” But what she didn’t know that I was—


Skipping school. I needed to find out what this message meant. Instead of getting on the bus-


I went to the police. I was so terrified, that I went to the police. how stupid could I be?
when I went, they said-


“I’m sure it was just a joke…just wait a few days. If they keep talking then come back.” I was shocked at how little they cared so I —


-burned down their station. I’m so shocked at what I did. I stayed in jail for a few hours when-


A prisoner escaped, one of them crazy psychopaths. He looked at me like I was first, so I-