Hello! My name is Amealia and I am the founder of a writing group called ge Omniscient Authors. We have been around for a while and are lacking members. You may have a few questions but just read this and hopefully I can answer them all.

What is the twist?

The twist is the fact that we already have a story. Our story isn’t like most though. Each episode is special and unique. Each episode has its own plot and short story. They are all different generes therefor you get to choose what you please to write.

How do we talk?

Our group ONLY uses discord to talk if you do not have one you must make one. You can use discord from the app or website. The link to make a discord is in the drop down at the end of this post. You must have a discord before you fill out the application.

Do I have to know how to code?

Yes. You must know how to code before coming into our group. If you do not know how to code you will be kicked from the group. Each member must be able to pull their own weight and help the group.

What would I be doing?

In our group each member does the same thing. You are given an episode to write and code for. You are given a due date to have it done by. You have roughly a month and a half to do an episode.

What all would I need?

In our group you must have discord, and Zepeto. Discord can be used from a website or app. Zepeto is only an app.

How often would I need to be online?

In our group we take attendance (this would later be explained in the group). In standard eastern time! You must be online at least four days a week.

How do I join?

The drop downs at the end of this post have a drop down where you can find our application.

Drop Down

Discord app download link Google Play

Discord app download link Apple Store

Discord website link

Discord create an account website link

Zepeto app download link google play

Zepeto app download link Apple store


Name to be called in group:
Discord username:
Four numbers that follow discord username:
Zepeto code:
Why would you like to join:
Can we trust you to do your part:

Feel free to ask any questions

Hi! I’d like to join but just wondering do you guys have your story published already so I can see what it’s like? If not it’s okay :joy:

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Not yet :sweat:

That’s fine, I’ll still like to join! :hugs:

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Do you have discord?

No, but I will make one right now ! :innocent:

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Alrighty! The zepeto can wait a bit if you don’t have one.

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Too bad, I don’t code.
I can write you full screenplays on a professional level on a daily basis, but no coding. :woman_shrugging:t3:

But feel free to ask me for storytelling if you want

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Thanks anyways best of luck to you

you too, good luck and feel free to send me a link if you need prove readers.

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Here’s my application!

Name to be called in group: Sam
Discord username: sam.c
Four numbers that follow discord username: #5372
Zepeto code: D1KPBC
Why would you like to join: The story twist sounds interesting & I love to work with a group full of creative story writers :innocent:
Can we trust you to do your part: Yes !

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How long does the short story have to be?

One episode

Hi I just want to ask a few questions so

  1. if I join the group do I have to come up with a story myself or do I just code the story that everyone came up together?

  2. if I personally can’t come into the discord at eastern time bc I’m living in the opposite time zone will it effect a lot?

  3. I’m personally working and going for college so I don’t have like a bunch of free time in my hands but I do code from time to time

With all these will I still be able to join or not? If not it’s fine I’m just looking for things to practice coding since I don’t really have a story in mind and I do like advanced directing.

One more question how many members are there currently rn?

There are currently four members including myself, you could still join but you would need to come up with that short story ideas on your own you could talk about it with the group for ideas but the details are all down to you, the time zone shouldn’t be that large of a problem, you will have a month on average to finish an episode so if you have enough time or not goes down to your personal time.

Alright! I’ll think about it for the time being and maybe get back if I confirmed that I want to join thank you!

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No problem