Short Term Memory Gaps? [closed don't answer]

Hi, all. Recently I’ve been getting weird gaps in my memory. I can remember everything that happened in my past just fine, but for example, I was making a cup of tea, and I’d put the tea bag in, and suddenly the tea was made. It had milk, was properly brewed, and upon tasting, had sugar in. I was watching a tv show earlier, and there were four people, of which they were going to introduce one by one. Their name, age, and a little bit of info about them. I remember watching the first person’s intro, but then suddenly, all the intros had finished, leaving me with no recollection or memory of the other three intros. I went back and watched the intros again, and my memory didn’t skip that time. It just happens randomly. Yesterday, I was playing a game on my phone, and no sooner than I had pressed the start button, I had won. This is really weird and I was wondering if anyone’s experienced this before or has a theory of what’s going on?

Well I have experienced (and sometimes I still do ) a lot but I just can’t seem to figure out what’s going on

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I think you need to see your doctor instead of asking the episode forums.


The forums not really the best place for questions like this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Perhaps you can go to Yahoo Answers and ask that or go to the doctor since they know more about this?

I know, I flagged it as soon as I posted this. It’s just a matter of when it’s going to get taken down.

Or you can request @Jeremy or @Sydney_H to close the thread lol

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Oh yeah, forgot about that.

A doctor is much more advisable than Yahoo answers. Just sayin. Closed as per Op request. :slight_smile: