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Im just looking for something to pass a bit of time. I can draw any humanoid character (preferably girls) maximum of 3 characters per image and only one request per person at a time. I will only accept one large request or 2 small requests at a time.
I can TRY to do backgrounds with them as i want to learn to draw backgrounds.
I can TRY to draw simple animals although they wont be too good since again, i want to learn to draw them.
I do have college and other responsibilities so please dont hassle me for your art, i will do them as fast as i can. I will have the request im working on and next request listed below.
I will be blunt here, i wont accept requests that i wont find interesting as i wont do as well on it and i may accidentally abandon it.

Request Form

Type of request: splash/cover/art scene/profile picture/regular drawing etc.
Form: edit/digital art
Title if needed:
Author if needed:
Preferred background:
All character details, if any:
Any images: including character poses with the character in the clothing wanted please (it makes it easier for me as i dont need to find the clothes)
Additional Information such as eyes, hair etc:
Drawn in Ink/LL/classic/Chibi or semi realistic style?
Time frame: when its needed by


I can also create social media screens, apple music, etc and try others if needed

social form

What social media:
Contact picture:
Music & singer (if needed):
Contact name:

Accepted and waiting:


Hey so can you please make me a splash?

Here are the details:


Its a splash that say : welcome

She should hold a gun and look angry a bit
Thank you very very much for this :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Have a beautiful day :kissing_heart:

Would you like it drawn or editted? Xx

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Hey :sparkles:
You’re really talented and your art is so damn beautiful :heart_eyes:
May I request? :upside_down_face:

Drawn please :hugs::heart:

Aww thank you! :heart: of course you can xx

Okk. I will try to keep you updated on the process although i usually forget :joy::heart:

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Okey :blush:, and thank you :heart: !! Btw. The exemples are breahtaking :exploding_head: really good !! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

So this is the character-

And it can be in any cute pose you’d like :upside_down_face:
Tysm :heart_eyes:

Aww thank youuu!:heart:

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Shes so cute!xx

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Thank you :sweat_smile::sparkles:

type of request: cover
form: digital art
title: The Devil’s Princess
Author: i dont want an author name
background: an abandoned place, sorta like a mafia thing and maybe a bit blurred out.

character details

clothing of each character

Additional information: for the poses i want the girl to be in the center with her handscrossed with a crown on her head and a boy on each of her side smirking and crossing a gun on their chest.

time frame: 1 week

Hey, id really love to accept your request but i have three recreational pieces to create within the next 4 ish days and i have two requests along side them, and with having college i honestly doubt i will be able to fulfil you request within a week. I try to work fast but the faster i work, the lower the quality. I usually spend around 24 hours on a one- person drawing so i dont mean to come across as rude or anything. :grimacing: I wish you luck finding a talented artist in which can fulfil this request though :heart::heart:

Oh no , you don’t have to get it done in a week you can get it done whenever you have the free time! i was just estimating but i don’t really need it till a while

Ok, thats fine, i may be able to have it done in 2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks at most but i will keep you updated on where abouts yours is x

Oh ok thank you very much for informing me!

Hey so im probably going to start your request after college but could you list the characters appearance, it just makes it easier when i draw it so like eyes: … hair:… etc xx
Any preferred outfit?
And would you like it drawn in Ink or semi realistic?

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Of course :hugs:
here you go :heart:

Body: Rosewood
Lips: Classic (bordeauxe)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (green)
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (black)
Brow: Defined Natural
Nose: Upturned
Face: Oval

I’m sorry that i didnt writed there :sweat_smile:

Ummm… it doesn’t matter, if drawn or realistic, just what you feel more comfortable with it :blush:

Thank you so much again :heart:

Thank you, its ok, i forgot to put it in the form thingy :joy: xx

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