Should episode add a skin option for people with Vitiligo when creating characters?

I have a friend who reads episode stories. She said she wishes she could make characters that look more like her. She has vitiligo which is a skin disease that causes loss of skin color in patches. I thought about it too and I agree. Many people around the world plus celebs have/had this skin disease. For example, Winnie Harlow, Joe Rogan, and Michael Jackson.

  1. Winnie Harlow

  2. Michael Jackson:

  3. Joe Rogan:

Do you think episode should add an option for people with Vitiligo when creating characters in the web portal? I think so.


I agree! Episode should also add skins that have Eczema. I have it all over my whole body and face, and it would be SO cool if they could add these things to skin.


They should genus idea

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yess they should, and i think they should add many more skin conditions!! And ik this doesn’t have to do anything with the skin, but they should add body piercings, i think it would be cool as well.

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yes!! I agree

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Here is a thread for this you can support for it. This is formatted incorrectly for where it is placed so it will be closed and there is already one.


Omg yes!! A relative had a mild case and this would be amazing! Support

Even someone who has dry skin or eczema for example

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