Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



It’s actually not another form. Being attracted to prepubescent children is completely different to being attracted to teenagers. They’re both bad, but how can we even begin to combat issues if we just lump them together like that? We need to understand where they come from to truly make a difference.

Furthermore, in terms of all of those issues you mentioned, it’s actually a grey area as to whether or not they’re 13+. It’s much more about how they’re depicted as opposed to what themes they depict. I particularly singled out paedophilia because it’s a common misconception which can really make people underestimate or misunderstand the issue.


Liking someone or having sexual feelings to those underage or a minor is a form of pedophilia, it doesn’t matter how old they are in the eyes of the law, if you are under 18 (or 21 in some countries/states) you are classified as a minor. And I’m not lumping them togethet, the only category where I would lump them all together, is that they (most of them) are bad and wrong and should never be practised or just ‘tried’. There are two types of writers who write mature content, those who know what they’re doing, and those who don’t. And if someone knows what they’re doing, they will make it a mature scene, for example if they’re writing rape, they won’t just have the character crying saying “Oh no I was raped!” They’ll show the scene, some will even go into detail about it. The other type who don’t know what they’re doing are either uneducated in the matter, underage, or just don’t care enough to properly research. There’s rarely any in between, and the couple that I’ve seen, all have poorly written stories and plot holes.

Either way, it’s a mature theme, no way around it, and have a lot of stuff inside a 10-13 year should be allowed to read or watch.



It actually isn’t at all. Please look up the definition of the word Pedophilia.



Some are not even 13


Oh wait, no it’s actually not!

“Sir, you slept with a 15 year old girl, and are accused of sleeping with a minor, basically pedophilia.”
“Well actually, she was a teenager, so it doesn’t count.”
“Oh wow! It doesn’t! He’s all good everyone! Not going to jail!”

It doesn’t matter for the correct term, if it’s technical or not, in the eyes of the law, if you have sexual or even romantic relationships with a minor, it’s illegal. That’s what we’re talking about, not about what the correct term is. If it’s illegal, then we should be both agreeing on the fact that people shouldn’t either write about it, promote it, or do it, not fight over if we’re using the correct term or not.

Man this conversation went from “maybe kids shouldn’t be on EPISODE” to “it isn’t pedophilia”, I don’t think I’d like to continue talking about the topic. It’s illegal and a disgusting practice.



There are authors that are below 15, so it wouldn’t be fair to them. But then again, it’s the internet after all… anyone can fake their age. So even with the age limit, nothing would changed. But you know in movies, they would rate the movies for the audience to watched? I’m talking about rated G, PG, PG13, and rated R. Like if Episode have that for the stories, it would be pretty much easier for the readers to choose from.


There’s a separate topic talking about the idea of sections (13+ and 15+) if you’re interested in that. It might not change anything, and maybe kids will still run rampant on EPISODE, but it will let people know what they’re in for.

(This reply is really weak, but I’m tired, coming down with flu and I’ve talked to tons of people about the same problem over and over again, so you can kinda see why I’m tired of repeating.)



Look, I’m not going to talk about this anymore. Mainly because we’ve gone way off topic. I am NOT lumping them together. Dang it, this was the worst time to get sick. Can’t think properly. Criminals, no matter what they’ve done, are all, to me, criminals. To me, there’s no ‘level’ of badness they’ve done, if someone has done something wrong, it was their choice, and they should be accounted for it. Here, seriously, is not the place to be talking about this kind of thing. If you want, we can continue this conversation privately, but I really don’t want is to argue here about a topic the, well, topic isn’t even relating to.

If I sound angry, or harsh, I’m not trying to be. This stupid sickness is making me feel even worse, and I’m grumpy.

But again, my opinion. Criminals are responsible for their actions, no matter how big or small their crime is, I’ll treat a teenage kid who stole candy the same way I treat someone who murdered someone. Why? If they chose to do a wrong action, the only thing I care about is making sure they get justice and are serving time for their actions. The only ‘category’ I would ever lump criminals together, is that they’re criminals.

Again, if you want to continue this privately, then I’m happy to, as long as we talk about this as calm, level headed adults.



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Have you guys read “It All Starts With A Bra”?! Jesus…




I hate it I already know what gonna happen next


Same here. Irritated me


It Starts With a Bra was based of a Wattpad story, and Wattpad is a definite 18+ platform.

The fact that they ever considered adapting a story from there, especially with a name like that is disgusting




nah. I feel like it being 13+ is fine,we’re doing animations on freaking cartoons like?
Younger kids are exposed to an apropiate audience anyways so making it 15+ wouldn’t stop them from joining. It’d just make them more vunerable to a lot of explicit things.


GTA is rated 18+. I am almost 16 and I don’t even play that game. Honestly most episode stories are more kid friendly than GTA, so why are you letting your kids play a game where you can touch naked girls?