Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



Also from England! Totally agree with what you guys have been saying! There’s a reason we have an age of consent in the first place and laws to protect us when something bad occurs. Episode needs to have a huge discussion about this.


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I agree 100%. Is the link on the first post working for anyone else? It’s not for me.


I don’t really think the entire site should be set to 15+. Episode is a fun little site that I think is a great tool for teaching kids the basics of programming logic, it actually reminds me of Scratch a lot. I think it could be valuable for younger kids to try to figure out how to use. (This reminds me of when I was a kid and Neopets taught me everything I know about HTML, lol).

That being said, I do feel like a rating system would benefit the site. The stories are kinda advertised like seasons of a show, for the most part – it would make sense if there were ratings. (Kinda like

Because there’s not way to prove ages, it might be difficult-- but I think it would be cool if we had G, PG, PG-13, and R ratings. (Though I would think R ratings would still have restrictions, maybe just keep R to stuff with minimal cursing or potentially triggering content? Nothing graphic, of course.)

They could set it so you put your age in when you sign up, and the age you put in restricts your access until you’re old enough. Also, kinda like Neopets – if you said you were under 15 or so, I think it restricted your access to forums or something, for internet safety and such.

I think this would be a good feature, and allow people a little bit more freedom to not only tell the story they want, but filter out the content they don’t want to see.

I’d like to add, I don’t think 18+ stories or stories with too graphic of content is a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with trashy smut fiction, but I believe allowing such content would make it a much more difficult app to advertise. I don’t think Google allows stuff with NSFW content, unless it’s auto-locked and you have to manually go in an allow it. (Like on the tumblr app, for example.)

Not to mention, this place is full of kids.


Yeah… puberty hit them hard.




I mean whats the point of episode guidelines if their featured stories are having mature content for example bad boys , the stories should be rated.


Maybe like a warning screen when you open the app for the first time, like this;





I started when I was twelve because I remember the app store rating as 12+ for some reason? Back then I understood how to self-censor and didn’t read mature stories. I don’t think it should be 15+, but there should be less sexual stories in the featured section. If they leave it as is, they should at least fix up their guidelines.


I completely agree! I don’t want it to be moved to 15+ because I’m afraid that the users may think that as permission to make their stories even more inappropriate. I do think they should update their guidelines though…


It’s not like you’re not allowed to like stories that are less than 15+ when you hit 15. It’s not like people get a legal document on their 15th birthday telling them that they need to disdain any stories which are innocent.


I agree, 15+ would be better seeing more mature content on episode 13year olds shouldn’t see, maybe they should have a section for younger audiences and section for us of an ‘older’ generation.

13year olds definitely know more than we did at their age as time changes, I wouldn’t let my niece on episode when she turns 13 in several years.


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I don’t think it should be 15+ … I mean episode does have warnings for both nudity and adult themes so people who are younger can stay off those stories. I don’t think kids should be taken off the page becuase most kids love these stories. I think writers should be punished for not putting warning signs on gory stories (And you may say I’m only saying this becuase I’m a reader and not a writer, but you’re wrong there becuase I am a writer). I also know that kids will play the story anyways but if it’s too gory and has too much nudity, but if they get nightmares and stuff it will be their own fault and they will learn never to surpass a sign that doesn’t allow them to do something again.

However I think you’re all overreacting . 6 years ago I was 12. In my country there isn’t PG13 instead it’s a warning before the tv show or movie that says the programe is not for audiences younger than 12,15 or 18.

Now episode allows some things like blood and stuff like that. But I’ve seen more bloody and better nudity in movies that are 12+ . 6 year olds have barbie and ken dolls and nobody took them out even tho they have the same amount of nudity . I mean look at the two pictures

and this

And about the blood. It’s the amount of blood you see when you get a nose bleed. I mean Shaun of the dead is something like a horror right? Had some scenes full of blood. Did anybody think Shaun’s shirt is disqusting? NO becuase it’s not


Personally, I think you should just need parental permission. It really is up to the parents…