Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



What advice would you guys give to the younger people of Episode? (Not the underage ones, but the teens)


In terms of just being a user, don’t cause trouble. Just read the stories and maybe even review them.
In terms of story writing, none of that generic ‘i am dating the dangerous bad boy and its suuuppppeerrr awesome!’ cause it doesn’t work like that. If you ARE going to make a story like that, make it realistic. If you start dating a person who’s doing drugs, involved in gang fights and all that, chances are, you can’t change them, or that you yourself will be A-okay.
(Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.)
Anyway, point is, NEVER follow the trend that is EPISODE stories unless you can provide new content and that the story, if the player makes a bad mistake, have consequences.

Alright, enough of my mini-rant lol. Might make a separate topic talking about all of this stuff.