Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



Alright then, thanks for this! I’ll put one in and see how it goes.


I’ll join you! Great idea btw!


Cool! Hopefully EPISODE will see it.

(I forgot to put a cheers in my other post before, sorry for that : ( )


This thread was moved from Features -> Episode Fan Community because it was a discussion as opposed to a proposal for a feature. To make it a suggestion, you’d have to make a thread in the Mobile App Features subsection not asking for opinions, but rather saying Episode should have different age categories and why.

I believe there was a post about different age categories on the old forums, but I’m not sure where it is- I can dig it up and give you the like count since saying “this feature on the old forums had — likes” would give you some more credibility since that’s a previously existing amount of supporters.

I wouldn’t recommend a support ticket though- that’s generally for errors you’re experiencing or guideline related questions you have that relate to you specifically rather than features. Also in the past, multiple people contacting Episode (in reference to Sophie’s suggestion of multiple tickets) has annoyed them rather than spurred them to action. A petition would be much more organized if you would like group action and more likely to get a response.


oh, alright. Well, anyway, I’ll send the suggestion anyway, and also make another post offering the same thing.



Alright, I couldn’t find a suggestion EXACTLY like this one, but a similar one (age restrictions on the app) had thirty-four likes on the old forums if you’d like to know. For reference, that thread is here.


Alright, thank you!



That’s actually a really good idea!! Support!! :smiley:


Please not :frowning: I can’t stop playing episode.


Oh no! We actually came to a conclusion that we should actually make sections for 13+, 15+ and 18+, we’re starting a poll now to have these, so writers can have a bit more breathing room and all stories don’t need to be 13+, they can be 15+ and so on.

^ here it is!


Episode is full of kids, if they do not allow anymore kids under 15, episode will have less people playing then the stories will have less readers. I think they should let kids play, that’s what I think…


But you have to take into consideration that the stories EPISODE has already is (a lot of them) for 15+. And that kids/just turned teenagers aren’t technically allowed to be exposed to this kind of stuff this early on.

We have a whole debate about it above if you want to read it.

^ here is a voting to see if we should have ‘sections’ or not.



Kids do whatever they want ,believe me. If a kid want to play a game but is for 15+ they just put a fake age and play that game…I start playing episode since I was 12-13 and I loved it


Yeah, I know, but hopefully, like I said, it’ll help section it out. I have a little brother who used to always be on EPISODE (he’s 11 now), and he started to say that teenagers having sex and taking drugs were okay! We never taught him that! And it’s because some EPISODE stories were teaching him these kinds of things, more so teenage romance stories and more mature themed stories that shouldn’t be on EPISODE. But like I said, no plan is ever perfect, but it’ll lessen the stress on writers to keep to a 100% child-friendly story.



I think they should create a shelf for kids (like you said) but kids never listen, so…


But yeah, like I said, it’ll more so lessen the burden of writers if they want to write a story for 15+. And hopefully it’ll stop so many children from entering EPISODE. I think that EPISODE should do a Google Account search to see their age, and if the person refueses to show it, it’ll automatically bring them to the 13+ section.

or something like that.


The only problem with EPISODE checking accounts is that from that point on EPISODE will remember all your information. It isn’t a bad idea to have EPISODE check your age for a good cause, but EPISODE might know your private information.


It depends on the private information, really! I mean, apps and websites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter etc ask for birthdates too.


Kids these days are exposed to so information that they generally aren’t ready to handle, leaving them sometimes scarred. I also speak from personal experience of scarring, when I was 7-8 my mum took me to a talk at school and lets just say I knew how babies were made after that.

But basically even if they know of this stuff that doesn’t make it right for them to read that type of material at such a young age, it’s wrong.


Hey, thanks for agreeing with me : ), we’re starting a poll to create ‘sections’ for different age groups to be sectioned off into different, well, sections. For example, the 13-15yr olds in the 13+ and the 15-18 in the 15+ ect.
We’d love it if you voted and gave your thoughts and opinions there as well. : D