Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



its 2018, kids are getting more exposed to terrible and often illegal things everyday – with the internet open, it’s filled with things parents wouldn’t want their kids to see-- but that’ll eventually happen. when you’re about 12-13, you learn about sex (drugs and alcohol briefly) a lot in school. and they touch on it a lot. most people playing episode are girls, and honestly, i’m pretty sure they all know about the stuff considered bad; and i don’t think them reading a story which touches on sex will make them go out and do it. being 14 and not being able to access a demi lovato story because of the risk of ‘‘reading the bad stuff’’ is ridiculous

its like not letting your 15y/o kid use netflix because of the inappropriate shows on there…it’s bound to happen, and by then 13 year olds would’ve gotten ‘‘the talk’’

i don’t know how many people will disagree with me for saying this but i think pre-teens in this day and age are being shown these things and i think they’re mature enough to handle it. self-harm, bullying, suicide - it’s a thing in life and it shouldn’t be hidden. they know about all this already, and if the kids below 10 read it, it’s pointless, there’s honestly no point of putting an age limit on a kid’s app because parents are oblivious and kids are smarter than we give them credit for.

so no, i think the limit of 13 is perfect. it’s the age of discovery, and no, i don’t think there really is that big of a mental difference between most 13 year olds and 16 year olds. we have no idea how much a 13 year old has gone through, compared to a random 16 year old. they have the same mental capacity to me… sorry if you disagree with everything i just said, just inputting from a teenager with loads of young friends


To be honest, I don’t think Episode should be 15+ because in the current form the writers have to consider at least that their stories could be read by a younger audience. I’m over 15, even 25 but sometimes I get surprised when I start reading a story that becomes the Fifty Shades of whatever within a few chapters. By raising the age limit, I believe it would be even worse.
I agree with those who mentioned that sometimes a story does need strong language and/or sexual references to make it more realistic. But I think this already works with adding the warning messages and all younger readers can decide whether they want to read stuff like this or not.


When was the last time you saw a content warning and chose to put down a story? Exactly, probably never. Same for all the kids out there- warnings never stopped me when I was 12-13. At the very least, there needs to be a requirement for a warning that is more than a 2 second background that stops nobody- you can’t prevent kids from reading mature content because the current warning covers stories with everything from one curse word to 50 Shades of Grey stories and you just never know what you’re in for with them.


I’m really “too old” to put down a story because of a warning, but I do put it down when I think it’s just too much. My concern is that if Episode was 15+ that would just encourage authors to create content that is even more “mature” and probably shouldn’t be on this app.


Well at least I have warnings on my stories , and if kids go pass that it’s their fault


You say kids never listen & you’re probably right… so what if Episode created like a lock or a pw that you had to use to gain access to Mature Stories that were parental granted?? make sense?


Tbh, most kids would just lie about their age then :confused:


they’ll always just find a way to get around it lmao


Honestly, I think that maybe everyone that downloads the Episode has to put in their birthday, and then different stories can have a limit of how old you have to be to read it. Not only can featured stories have this option, but community writers as well! This way, the app isn’t subjected to an age limit overall, as some stories are rated G while others could maybe be rated R! This way stories could surpass the Episode guidelines with more adult content such as nudity, drugs, mature issues, etc.! I think that this would help let writers have more creative freedom and could very possibly bring in more writers to the platform. Just a thought!


Then what if you need a credit card to get the pw for legit??


In all honesty tell me 10 people who would tell EPISODE their credit card number, i’m not trying to be rude, just honest.


Ummhh… All those who would buy Diamonds & Tickets?

I don’t know. It was just a thought to keep our kids safe.


Oh wait duh, sorry for being stupid.


Lol, no worries! Stupidity happens to all of us on occasion =P xD


Kids are rebellious, I don’t think anything is going to stop them. I think authors should be careful what they publish, it is a 13+ app and the content should be 13+


I agree with your opinion i say that 15+ should be the age that your allowed to play episode because it can screw up younger audiences’ minds and they can be exposed to subjects that they shouldn’t really be exposed to at their age


I understand where you are coming from i also have cousin/siblings around that age and i definitely think that they are not innocent as they look i think my 14 year old sister knows way more than i do tbh and i think that they shouldn’t be exposed to inappropriate content not that they already aren’t but still its always good to be cautious im 19 and wouldn’t dare to watch porn because its disturbing but my sister said that she knows this girl in her year got in trouble for doing so and i was so shocked by what she said i could hardly believe it. These kids people need to be stopped!


Just yesterday my sister was telling me about this pregnant girl in her class at 13. I hardly knew what sex was at 13, let alone thinking of doing it.


That is really really concerning i feel sorry for these kids


A lot of these kids lack guidance and parenting, but that is a discussion for another time.