Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



yes they definetely do


But i dont think this is fair on the authors and the older audiences’


I haven’t read the entire original post, so forgive me if I talk about something that has been discussed.

I’m trying to figure out the significance of changing 13+ to 15+? 15 is a weird number, and I feel like there’s hardly a difference between those two ages (at least there wasn’t much of a maturity difference for me).

Business speaking, it’d be a really dumb move, if you ask me. It’d be like movies with huge teen followings like The Avengers all of the sudden making Infinity War R when the rest of the series movies were PG-13, it just doesn’t make sense. I think maybe an 18+ section could be arranged, but having a certain age older than 13 to have the app at all? It won’t happen.

And like @karissa has stated multiple times, we simply live in a different world where most people nowadays know about sex and drugs and stuff like that by age 12. Not to mention that I think Episode actually does try to filter out younger audiences already by sharing some rather interesting ads (you know what I mean) even though most of the stories on this app aren’t like those.


I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. There are guidelines like every other app out there, and following those in no way make the process “unfair”. If authors want to write erotica, go to Wattpad.


There are guidelines that are specifically for this app. Which means we should follow them instead of trying to change them for more mature content. There are other apps that have 17+ plus rating and you can do way more.


I was trying to say this but couldn’t find the right words, so I totally agree with this. It’s like saying we need a bigger closet instead of saying I have too many shoes, ya feel me?


I mean the app has been 13+ since it began but now people want it changed? It won’t happen anyway. Episode isn’t changing the rating.

And yes I agree!


This is actually a nice idea but kids will surely find a way to get around it. They warn us about the mature themes & strong language but the curiosity inside of those younger than 15 won’t allow them to stop playing. IG those warnings are of no use, anyway.
If they do an age-check, it’s not gonna work, like 90% of kids younger than 13 have google accounts anyway using wrong birth year & like 50% of the episode players are less than 15 so idk if it’s for the best.
Good luck, anyway.


Heyo! You have a good point, kids do tend to get around things. We actually moved this topic and we’re trying to get votes on it, but more so on the idea if “what if EPISODE had sections?” instead of making the entire thing 15+.
Here it is:

Maybe for people wanting to access 18+, EPISODE does a credit card check or something, because, at least where I am, it’s illegal for a person under 18 to have a fully functional bank account, they need a youth account if they are under 18. So maybe that can work.



There is actually quite a bit of difference between 13 and 15. Also, sorry for not replying sooner. Mentally, and physically, the brain is more capable for handling certain topics and certain level of mature themes. That’s the reason why there’s such things as ratings. You wouldn’t, hopefully, take a 10 year old to an R-rated movie, now would you? It’s not because of a silly little law saying that they can’t, it’s because they literally, cannot. It can actually lead to problems in the near future, for example, being under the belief that drugs are okay to take, and there’s even a study showing that younger audiences that watch shoes/movies/anything that they’re not suppose to, or they are not of age to watch/anything, that there’s an significantly higher chance of them to take to drinking/taking drugs earlier on in life. No matter the age or maturity level that you may have, there’s almost always going to be an effect on you, either great or small.



That is true. Although, I do find it a little unfair that Episode was intended for 13+ audiences and some people (not you. You’re fine with just having different sections) decide that they want to write more explicit stories on it and then try to force out the intended audience just so they can write what they want. This app was made for stories aimed at those ages, after all!


Well, for me, orginally, why I proposed the idea to make EPISODE 15+ was because a lot of 13yr olds and even younger kids are stirring up trouble on EPISPDE, so I thought, ‘well, why not scare them off by making it 15+?’. I have a feeling though nobody’s really up to it though, and to be honest, neither am I. And about the sections thing, a user that commented suggested just a ‘mature’ section would be just fine, so you don’t need all the other ones. So technically, it’s like a 13+ and a 15+ section.



They do stir up trouble from time to time. It’s mostly their age, but we’d be lying if we said that some of us older users didn’t stir up trouble from time to time. I mean, I may be speaking for myself, but often people misinterpret my love of discussion for me being intentionally awkward and argumentative. The beautiful thing about an app like Episode is its ability to appeal to younger audiences. We can really give them a healthy view of relationships, friendships and life in general.

I feel like we’re failing with that as writers, though. We get so caught up with what’s popular and what will get more views that we create inherently unhealthy scenarios, in particular with bad boy-type relationships, and then present them as romantic or normal to go with the flow. We really do have a lot of power as writers and it is, to some extent, our responsibility to use our writing to promote healthy behaviour, Not all the time, of course, but I think that some people would use this explicit section as an excuse to glorify unhealthy behaviour.

I guess my main question (after beating around the bush) is how far would we intend to push these boundaries? How much would we want to stretch guidelines to give us freedom?


…wow. I don’t think anyone can debate with that. I wholeheartedly agree with you. To some writers, it’s difficult to bring up because they’re so invested into their story, that they can’t see the danger they are causing, it’s why I try not to bring it up. The writer’s community is a tricky thing, it’s more so incredibly dangerous, than it is incredible. Most of the time you’re debating with other authors than you are writing at times.

Thanks for bring this up and Cheers,


Definitely! I just wonder how much extra freedom by changing the age range will encourage writers to glorify unhealthy situations. If we remove the incentive to keep the story PG, will people start to write crazy stories which promote bad choices?

I mean, a story about a difficult topic can be really powerful and useful if it is handled well. At the moment, I don’t think explicit topics would be handled well by a lot of writers. I mean, so many stories promote the emotional abuse and neglect that can come with being in a relationship with a “bad boy” by not having him go through any significant character development and having the girls just accept him as he is. It would be a completely different matter if we were writing stories hailing women who realise they’re worth more than that and breaking out of a relationship which doesn’t offer them what they deserve.

I would definitely love to see more age sections, but I wonder if it would just encourage people to take these sensitive themes to the next level?

Just a thought, really.


No, I honestly agree with you. It’s just, for me anyway, I like to talk about very serious topics in my stories, heck, I’m writing one right now for the H&V contest. But when I heard that some of the topics that I like to write about wasn’t allowed, I was like, ‘hang on, why?’ and I do understand that some people don’t handle these topics that well, like you mentioned, the whole thing with the bad boy scenario (I don’t even like bad boys, players or even find them attractive in the slightest! I’m sorry if you like their player or sleep around tendencies but I’ll stick to my shy nerd guys, thanks.).



True, but episode is 13+ so it’s content should be 13+


Well, I wouldn’t say that it’s content is 13+ per say…looking at you romance section. Heck, even some of the sound effects and music are labeled ‘porn’. I mean! “Yes we are a child friendly website and app.” “Hey boss! What should I have as this sexy sound?” “Porn is fine!” “Okay boss!” “Like I said we are a very child friendly website/app.” What? I mean! I don’t even know how to respond to myself. “Pregnant by the bad boy!” You are a TEENAGER! You’re teaching kids it’s alright to participate in sexual conduct and acts when they’re 13!
“Player” You’re teaching them to trust people who continuously sleep with people and cheat on people, just because you’re the main character.
“Pregnant by my student” You’re teaching them it’s okay to be in a teacher student relationship, something that is, may I say, is ILLEGAL.

And many more things like that.


Hehehe… well you see, if the age limit was 15+ I wouldn’t be able to be on Episode no more, don’t know why I’m tearing up, maybe cuz I’m a tad bit emotional, but some people have to think that they don’t exactly know us.

  • Some of us go through suicidal thoughts, depression, and so much more. Maybe some people don’t realize that Episode actually… impacts us?

Episode has changed me. And tbh, some authors don’t have the creativity of us little humans.:blush:


And, aren’t I mature?! Well, most of the time :joy:

  • It’s heartbreaking that some people don’t want us here :slightly_frowning_face: --> :pensive:

and now i feel disregarded…