Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?



I don’t think you’re understanding what I mean entirely. What I mean by “we’re human” is that sometimes, it doesn’t matter how we have things portrayed to us as children. Sometimes we need to take responsibility for our own bad choices. People have tried using “this influences people” to stop all kinds of films, books, games etc. The only problem with that is that we all react differently to these portrayals. Also, most of the time, a well-thought-out representation can be better and more beneficial than not representing difficult topics at all.

It may be better to cover things like rape and sexual assault in ways that help young people understand these topics and behave sensitively. It may be better to show young people that relationships with teachers are inherently unhealthy, rather than not represent them at all. Maybe it’s better to show young people that these things exist and teach them how to deal with sensitive topics as they arise appropriately and usefully, as opposed to censoring difficult stuff from 13-year-olds. Ignorance isn’t always a good thing.


I also believe that you are not understanding what I am trying to say as well. I’m saying that if we show those not the appropriate age these kinds of things, then not only will they be tempted to do it themselves, they will become desensitized to it, and they’ll accept those things as ‘normal’ and ‘everyday occurrences’ and not care. In an article that I read online (they also made it into a documentary I’ll see if I can find it and link it to you) was that a boy who was taught about rape, or was exposed to it (the idea of it), actually did commit rape. But not only did he commit a high level offense, he did it to his own sister. The parents said in an interview that they highly regret exposing him to those things early on, and even wanted to warn parents that there was a time and a place for talking about those types of things.

And even if that is a worse case scenario, they will still be desensitized to the idea of all of these terrible things. Murder? Meh. Rape. Whatever. Torture? shrug Pregnant when 12 years old? Happens all the time, so why not do it myself?

The point I am trying to make here is that if a highly impressionable child/teen/preteen is exposed to these things in an earlier age, then they will accept them as normal, and even do it themselves. It won’t matter how many times you say that it’s wrong, the damage will be done already.

And that is the grim truth and harsh reality that all parents/adults/anyone has to deal with.



I think that’s reducing the actual problem slightly. Yes, we need to shield young people from viewing crime in a good light and glorifying it, but not by sheltering them from these concepts completely. Children will find out about this stuff eventually, so it is much better for them to find out in a productive way.

Show them that these things do happen, but they are bad, they have negative consequences and are never a good thing. Making a crime a taboo can just serve to make it seem really cool and sexy, as opposed to something we should be avoiding.


I’m also not saying that we shouldn’t talk about it, I’m saying that we can’t expose them to these things right away. Let them be kids! Let them run around without a care in the world. Let them want to go to the moon or become the president instead of having them worry about death, destruction and all the horrible things that happen in the world. I mean, what’s better? Having a great childhood with loads of good memories, or a worry-filled one with memories of looking over your shoulder at every corner and second? And it doesn’t matter if you say:

“Okay little Billy, let me tell you about rape. Now, rape is when someone makes you have sex with them when you don’t want to, it happens all around the world every day and there’s been an increase over the past 10 years. Heck, some kids are doing it! But it doesn’t mean you can do it, or you’ll be a baaaad little Billy.”

Okay that actually made me laugh. It’s more comedic than it is serious, but I literally heard this being said in the street before (with names changed of course). Wow, I am really hopeful for the children of this generation. (sarcasm)



I think you underestimate how mature people can be at 13!

Plus, I would much rather children (including my 8 younger siblings) be exposed to things in productive ways.

I want kids to see something bad happen to a drug addict and I want them to realise it’s not a good thing to do drugs.


No, I’m not underestimating 13year olds, I know 13 year olds. I was one, I work with them. I know them. Depending on how well they’ve been raised, or the environment they’ve been brought up in, they do vary in maturity levels. The most mature person that I ever had was a (at the time) 12 turning 13 year old. Though they also had a really rough life and basically had to grow up fast, won’t give out any details. But most of them, while they think and believe that they are mature, are still technically children. They are in that age of transitioning from a child to a teenager, and won’t properly have that real maturity until they are 14-15, again depending on the circumstances.

But it will most likely traumatize the child when they see karma happening to a drug dealer or any wrong doer than help them learn right from wrong.



Again, you can portray sensitive topics without traumatising a child.


Well, if you, in your own words, show “…kids something bad happen to a drug addict” then it will traumatize the child. You can portray it in a mature manner, but either the parents will not do it properly, or the kids do it anyway. I say this:
Don’t expose them too early. 0-10 years are for fun. Not traumatization. If they ask why they shouldn’t hit kids in the playground, don’t say “You could get arrested for it” or “Because it’s wrong”, say something like, “It’s not nice and you wouldn’t want to be hit do you?” Unless the child wants to be hit but that’s an entirely different topic for another day.
They don’t need to know what happens to serial killers or drug addicts,
“Hey dad?”
“Yes little Billy?”
“What happens to people who kill people?” insert cute anime eyes here
“Well, you see little Billy, most of the time, they get killed as well.”
“Because they killed other people.”
“But it’s wrong to kill people.”
“Yes well they killed someone else.”

You see? Kids don’t understand. I don’t understand myself, so why should kids be able to? They just don’t have the mental capability to. (haha “Billy”)



I think Episode should be rated 15+ so that the parents could get an idea of what their kids are getting into. The app doesn’t have to restrict any stories from younger kids but rather get restricted from their parents lmao! Of course, some kids will sneak and if they do that is their fault, not Episode’s.


I would be really upset if I was kicked out of the game because of other players who write mature stories… What about 13-14 year olds? I don’t want to wait over a year to be able to play episode.
Besides, adults have the same ability to be immature as well. I understand what you mean about there being under aged players, but a teenager is a teenager, and sometimes we get framed for being the immature ones when it’s not always us.

There’s already lots of 13-14 years olds anyways on episode. Think of all the players who would be forced to leave because they choose not to lie about their ages. Would make a big impact on the episode community, and could cause episode to lose money.

There’s many stories of which are safe for 13 year olds to read.


we’re each our own person.


Well in reality, most stories on EPISODE aren’t for the age group that it says it’s for. Back in my day (yes I’m pulling that one out), stories were a lot more, I guess you can say, censored. There wasn’t a lot that a 13 year old can read without getting into trouble. Like, if they wanted to read a book with violence or 15+ in it, the librarian wouldn’t allow it. It was the same for movies. But nowadays, all they have to do is search up on the internet “hardcore porn” or something and they would get it easy peasy!

The 13-14 year time period is where a ‘teenager’ is at their most vulnerable. They think that because they’re a teenager that life would be so much cooler, and they could get away with a lot of stuff. No matter how much they think it, they do not have the maturity level or capability to be able to handle 15+ or adult content. Yes, each person is their own person, but the general rule still applies, why do you think we have age limits and restrictions on movies or, well, everything? Because of the mental capability that the brain doesn’t have yet



Just weighing in with “my opinion”
I really would like to see either age restrictions/categories and/or a Mature Section.

Some of the stories I’ve read on here are (imho) not appropriate for younger readers or even some more sensitive readers, much less “consenting” adult readers.

I also realize that:
•there will always be the more mature 13 yr olds;
•that anyone can lie about their ages & if they can get around the rules they will do so;
•their parents feel their kids are mature enough without censorship; etc.

Knowing all this, I still would prefer to know that there are some safeguards in place for those less mature, possibly unsupervised kids.

If you think about it, there are drinking ages, driving ages, & ratings systems for Movies,
so I don’t see what the big deal would be by having a Ratings system in place. :woman_shrugging:

Again, jmho


Yall check this out even parents say this app should be 15+ or even 18+





Keeping the thread active.

Based off the link,
I somewhat agree with this statement:
What seemed like a creative app for my daughter turned into a highly inappropriate adventure in sex, alcohol and even drugs.

This is accurate. A lot of stories seem like their good in the beginning but turn sour real quick.

I don’t agree with this :point_down:t4:
Terrible app. Definitely not for anyone under 18. No good messages here. Just trash.

The really good stories are like hidden gems, you’ve got to dig for them… Which kinda sucks. :frowning_woman:t4:


To be fair, you’ll find parents that say Disney should be 15+. I remember when I was a kid, my 11-year-old friend wasn’t allowed to watch the first Harry Potter because there was “too much violence”. You’ll always find parents who want to ban or limit things exposed to children, and they won’t always be right about this. People aren’t always rational when their children are involved, after all. I’m not saying that this is true of all parents, but I wouldn’t take the word of some reviews.

And while there are definitely things which are inappropriate on Episode, I don’t think it should be 15+. Sections are great options!


Also, does anyone else feel like this is a little bit of a coup? Mature writers come in and write mature stories on an app aimed for 13+, then they try to push people off here who were minding their own business so they can write more mature stories.


I definitely think there should be more of a filter!
Some of the content I’ve seen on Episode has been quite overtly explicit, even for my liking (it’s just sooo cringe) and I’m 20. If I ever saw a 13 year old reading some of the things I have on Episode I would be a little disturbed if I’m honest.

I think Episode is a great app and it can inspire the younger generations to begin reading and writing more, but there needs to be much more of a filter. A splash scene saying “mature language and scenes” is not going to make a 13 year old think “oh! Maybe I shouldn’t read this!” nuh-uh, no way.
Kids now-a-days LOVE acting older than they are, they thrive for a sense of maturity. And although this can be a good thing, like forcing them to think realistically and logically, it can also make them far too eager to ‘grow up’ and become too involved in an adult environment.

I’ve just finished writing an essay about psychosocial development and at the age of 12-15 children should be focusing on their sense of self and identity. All this over exposure to sex and a world too mature for them stunts their personal development and enforces so much pressure onto who they think they should be.

Or maybe I’m just chatting sh*t lol :upside_down_face:


I think you make a good point, it shouldn’t be a battle of maturity. But I definitely think more regulation has to come in to make sure that the Episode platform is safe and fun for both younger and mature readers.