Should Episode bring back referral codes?


For all the people who played episode back in the days, do you think Episode should bring back referral codes? I had about 300+ passes because of referral codes and now im lucky if i even get 5 a day lol.


I find their current system works well.


I miss referral codes, they were my Lord and savior


I liked them, except for people posted them everywhere.

And, you could only use a code once…


I don’t miss them. People didn’t know how to act with referral codes and were leaving them literally everywhere, which is why Episode took them away. On instagram. In your comments. In Episode’s IG comments. In DMs. All over the forums. Even fanmail which I still don’t quite understand l. I’m glad they found another system Bc it’s easier to communicate with one another and much more peaceful.


Erm… They also removed it because that was how you could hack the app to get passes…


I’m actually just repeating what they’ve posted about referral codes in the past. They used to make posts on IG asking people not to post referral codes on their posts because the comments section was always so full of referral codes that nobody could hold a conversation. And people still posted referral codes on their posts asking people not to post referral codes. So they took the referral codes away and made an announcement stating that that was why they took the referral codes away.

I really don’t know what is going on with the atmosphere in these forums but y’all really need to get ahold of this snobbery. People can’t even make benign comments without somebody low key trying to make others look foolish. “Erm…” really? Chill. I’m not the one. You could have just added your two cents on a separate comment without all that extra silliness.

Seriously and y’all wonder why people don’t even want to come in here.


Ok, lmao, I didn’t see what episode said abt the codes but I did know it was a big function to people hacking the game and getting more passes. And how is saying “erm” silly. If I was making a speech i would say “um” ever once in a while so is that being “silly?”


I do miss referal codes but Im going to be honest I barely even noticed they’d gone Im so used to the current system now.



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