Should Episode have more stories pertaining to mental health or depresssion? + Relatable and Entertaining suggestions

So, I’m currently creating my second story which is loosely based on events that have happened to me. I don’t think my situation is a. that unique or b. that relateable. I guess in a way the story I’m writing is my events just more episode-ified and if things had gone a certain way in my head. I’m most certainly glad they didn’t go exactly as what had been transcribed in my story cause that would’ve been absolutely awful.

I feel like the only thing that would even be remotely relatable is going through a breakup or just being dumped. Everything else like the queen bee and falling for a new good looking guy and what not is just to create drama. I wanna make the story relatable but entertainable, y’ know? I would like to know you’re suggestions on how to make it relatable yet entertaining.

Also, I have a question just from the general community do you think that Episode should have more stories dealing with depression or mental health or the overall mental healing process? Yes or no? Why or why not?


I’m writing one right now about mental health and how to cope.

My next story will be about autism.

And yeah I agree. They need to write more stories about that. It’s all smut and pregnancies :joy:


If you want to make your story one that people could relate to, I suggest you add drama. Depends on how you envisioned your character, if it is a high school story, you can talk about failed relationships, fake friends, and a lot more… :see_no_evil:
As for the whole stories about dealing with mental health and depression, I personally believe it is important to bring more awareness to these subjects.
People need nowadays to know more about the importance of being mentally healthy and if authors could actually bring that throughout a story without it being too offensive to some readers than I guess, well why not? :woman_shrugging:

Answering the second question, I think it should. I haven’t seen enough accurately portraying common mental disorders.

And the more serious ones like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are almost ALWAYS stigmatized and portrayed offensively, but that’s a entire other discussion

I feel like if Episode added more realistic stories in general, it could have a positive impact on many readers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Including the mental health healing process would be amazing tbh, because many don’t know their options when coping and the stories could give them ideas for healthy outlets!

Personally I think no.
For one, I come here to get away from things like that and I don’t want to read stories that then remind me of it.
And two, I don’t trust Episode or even most members/authors in the community to portray these themes in a respectful manner. I can see it doing more harm than good.


I think it would be hard to create a story revolving around mental illness if the author doesn’t have the right perspective, which can be hard if the author has never faced the issues first-hand. It may anger some people. :woman_shrugging: But maybe if it’s been peer-reviewed or something

I personally suffered from depression for years, when I moved out of my mom’s I was finally able to heal. The events in the story are loosely based on events that happened to me. Of course I added some episode elements like queen bee and of course a love interest. So readers can have that fantasy escape like element yet have a small dose of reality at the same time.

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I see the concern if the story revolved around DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or Bipolar or Schizophrenia. Mental illnesses like those are rarely represented appropiately.
But the story I’m creating shows the healing process along with episode elements like the queen bee, the hot love interest, comedy, and drama so that way there’s an escape for those that are looking for an escape. I just find heartbreak much more relatable than smut. I personally I don’t think smut is as entertaining, but that’s my personal taste.

I wrote a story called “Truthfully Yours, OCD” about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I was diagnosed with it at age 3. I think that if someone writes a story from personal experience and/or knows a lot about the mental disorder/health issue, it can spread awareness. As long as the information is accurate and informative, I think it’s fine. OCD is very misunderstood which is why I wanted to spread awareness about it. If other serious topics can be discusses properly, I think that’s great!

My reply was only in response to your question about Episode writing stories about mental health. If you want to write your own, that’s a whole different thing. Sorry for the confusion.

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