Should episode let you chose more than one genre

Well the title says it all should episode have a option for you to pick more than one genre?
Speak your find here!


I think they should, because it would give the readers a better feel for the story they are about to read ( for example an action comedy and romantic comedy and quite different things!) though I think maybe the problem with authors choosing many genres, for the sake of getting more reads, may occur.


Yes, especially for things like rom-coms. They don’t quite fit in the romance genre, but shouldn’t fully be in comedy either


I think they should let the author list a sub-genre, but the stories should only show up in the trending section of the main genre to avoid people abusing the system to get reads.


How annoying would it to be to see the same stories trending under every single genre :joy:
I completely agree with you.

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This feature might interest you

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I think it would be a good idea but i also think it should be limited like max. 3 genres

Yup. Many stories fall into multiple genres.