Should I accept an acting gig?


My agent told me that a show wants me to play a teenager girl in an upcoming show… except filming is in America and is in the beginning of 2019. I live in the UK… is it too risky to take? It means I have to leave everything, uproot my whole family, and pause my education. :confused: It’s not a lead role, it’s a supporting role to the lead role.


i just don’t want this to blow up in my face, it’s my first acting gig and I’ve waited months for it.


Yes you should do it


Do it!! And what show?


Whoops if anyone saw the name, i can’t say coz I don’t even know if I’m doing it. It’s a show about teenagers and highschool.


I think you should go for it. This is a huge opportunity that may only come once


I say go for it if you’re passionate about it! :wink:

Following our dreams is very important : )

I understand it’s hard to leave your family & schooling behind, however opportunities like this are rare so you need to make a decision :smile:

Whatever you choose must make you happy :sunny:

Personally for me, I wouldn’t take a role in acting because I hate being on camera plus it’s not my passion :rofl:


haha lol, yeah I’ve been waiting a while for this opportunity, it’s just feeling too real now.


It’s just the before shock. I think you’ll be happy you took the role once you meet your cast mates and become good friends with them. When I got a letter in the mail to join an exclusive musical theatre company, I was hesitant to join, but now I’m very glad I decided to join because I have all these wonderful friends! But most importantly,

FOLLOW YOUR HEART :purple_heart:

If your heart says to go, go, but if your heart says to stay with your family, the that’s what you should do.


omg thank you so much, I’m glad I found someone I can relate with!


Np! And if you need any support while filming, I’m here for ya girl!


Right, so I think this is a brilliant opportunity but may I ask - are you about to take your GCSEs by that time period or have you finished GCSEs and A Level?


Thing is, maybe you show up as a supporting role but maybe a recruiter (is that the right word?) may scout you! Maybe, what they want in a movie or a show is exactly what you have as an actress! I’d recommend perhaps having a tutor whilst filming to maintain the education part, Skype for friends and family.

Acting is a very cool path to go down and you never know, this could be just the beginning!


Yup, I’m supposed to be doing it this school year. :tired_face:


thanks for tips, yeah the school said that I do need a tutor, who has to monitor my education. :heart:


Uhm, this is a little too late. But I have a boyfriend, who knows about me wanting to be an actor, but not actually landing a role.


Ah, okay - I am sure your circumstances would be understood and you could always apply as a private candidate afterwards.