Should I add a customisation? advice/help needed!

So I know people really like customisations, but the story I’m currently writing includes a twin, along with the two parents. I’m very dyslexic, so this whole writing thing is hard, but I love it. The only problem is, adding all these people to customisations it’s really hard and really difficult for me.

If any of you know any specific customisations that add three extra people in the skin colour, hair colour and eye colour area? If not, could someone give their opinion of customising? Would people stop reading my story if there was no customisation?

Sorry if this was a bit TLDR but thanks to anyone who can help!


actually, it’d need to be four people in the customisation XD

I would never stop reading a story because there’s no CC. Have you already looked up Dara Amarie’s website for the templates in case you want to include them?

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I use her’s all the time, they’re so useful. But because I need to add a lot more people into some of the sections, all hers are for about two or less people


After people have created their MC, you can use @TWIN becomes MC and do the same with the mother. The characters will look like the MC, and then you can change the mom a little by adding things like @MOM changes face into …

For the father you will have to include a character in your customization template

You can find a really good explanation on Dara’s site

I don’t have anything like that, but for my story I edited one of Dara Amarie’s templates so that the twins (male and female) had the same features
I don’t know if you can use something like that :sweat_smile:

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It’s your own story, so only YOU must decide if you include customization.
If it’s hard for you, then don’t do it! If your story is good and interesting, people will continue reading, even if it doesn’t include customization :blush:
I wish you the best of luck with your story!

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I think stories without CC are okay as well. I have modiefied Dara’s template for my story with twins (including their parents) but I took out things like ash skin color and stuff… Do you want it?? I’ll be glad to help :heart:

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I usually take out the ash skin colour aha, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you so much! I’ll give you credit alongside the original creator as well!

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Thank you, that made me feel a lot better about not putting in CC :slight_smile:

Sure! I could send you a message or by email??

emails a bit messed, message would be better aha

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I’m now understanding what that bit means, thank you!

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You’re welcome!

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There are some readers who will stopr reading if the CC is missing thats a fact. Most probablz will stay if the storry is well written but some might leave because of missin CC because some people realy kinda need to see their face in the story - often the young readers especially.

how ever it is up to you - do not feel forced to something which you do not want to do just to please every body - because one true fact - your story will not be loved by everybody no matter what you do, there still will be people with different taste or different demands so please 100% everybody is impossible.

But if oyu will not have CC - some readers mighr write you in fan mail begging you to add it…I got a fan begging me to even add CC for the bad guy - he is not love interest MC is fighting him…so its something like CC for lord voldemort. :slight_smile:

If want I can make you the whole template just tell me the names of the characters

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I have a ton of favorite stories that doesn’t include customization, or even choices. Users have different features that they might hate/love, but at the end, it’s your story. It really depends on how well your story and characters are developed overtime.
My advice is if looks matter, then keep it that way, it is your story. If only the colorations matter, have limited CC, and if you want the story to be about specifically the reader, have full customization.

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I really appreciate it but I’ve decided to not do any cc apart from hair and makeup. And thank you for the advice!

They really shouldn’t. People should want to read your story because the idea seems interesting. To be honest, I just think of customization as a little bonus, and I don’t stop reading a story if there isn’t any.

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thank you! I really appreciate it!

Ay, no problem! :grin: