Should I allow customisation?

I am currently writing a story for the Dirty Dancing contest and I was wondering if you guys could help me?

Do you think I should allow customisation or at least partial customisation? I’m in two minds about whether to do it or not because I’ve grown quite attached to how I’ve made them look as I’ve already written 3 chapter and am going to write a further 2 chapters before I publish at the end of July.

Please give me advice, it would be much appreciated :slight_smile: xx

@MissSarahG1 if you would like, then go for it, but if you don’t then don’t do it.

It’s a personal choice whether or not to include any customization at all. I think many readers prefer limited customization over no customization, especially in cases where the character doesn’t have to look the way they do for sake of story plot, art scenes, or overlays.

Okay, so do you think it would be ok to do a partial customisation but not allow the customisation of skin colour and hair style and colour (though there will be opportunities to change hair style for certain events)? :slight_smile:


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Great, thanks :slight_smile: