Should I ask Community Members For Permission?

I am working on closing scenes such as credits, dedications, & special thanks “outros” for my story…

I currently have a list of community members listed in my “special thanks” “outro”…


A Special Thanks to: (community member name) author of (story title)

I wanted it to be a surprise and a way to show my appreciation to them… but do you think I should ask permission to use members names??
(not their real ones, of course)


That’s a difficult question. I think it depends more on a personality. In my case, I’d be surprised and happy if someone did that. But I guess that there are some people who wouldn’t like it…

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I did this a few times, and I didn’t ask for permission. They didn’t seem to mind. In fact they actually felt honored. I don’t think people really mind when you do this to answer your question.

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