Should I Be On Episode?

I’m kinda starting to be concerned about Episode and if I should actually be on it.
Btw, if you haven’t known, Ima Dasha. Nice to meet you! :grin:
So, there are many threads saying that 13-14 year olds shouldn’t be on Episode, and I’m starting to agree. Although, it’s kinda making me uneasy. I feel like people would judge me and judge meh stories. I mean, Ima 13 years old. I do have some mature themes in my stories, even one I shouldn’t even know about.
What do you think? Should I really be on Episode???

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I think u belong… some stories are mature but some are safe for 13+. So I say don’t let anyone get u down. And they shouldn’t judge ur stories because u are young… that’s not fair… you are probably awesome!!!


Lol, that’s what I try telling myself…


Keep telling itself that girl… artist/writers shouldn’t be judged by age but by their work


Yo, I am the same age and I know exactly how you feel, sista. But I think it’s actually good to be starting at a young age. I believe that we are getting to know the world faster than most teens and we will know so much more when we are mature and grown up. We, as in teen writers, should be proud of how smart and the assimilation we have in the world. And Episode is such a great starter in our writing paths. I think you shouldn’t mind your age because age is just a conception of time that us human beings made to contribute life passing. In my opinion age is just a number and it depends on your ambition and intelligence to be a good writer. Now let me ask you something, do you know the exact age of famous authors? How do you know they are in their 20s and not younger? My point I am trying to get across is that age doesn’t matter, so you should keep on writing your soul out!


I hope I helped some!

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Thanks for the inspiration! :smirk::+1:


Awe eres bienvenido!! xx
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Sure! :thinking:

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I mean honestly, the only reason I’m not a fan of younger kids on the platform is because of how mature it is. I wouldn’t want someone younger seeing certain things.

Don’t think that you don’t belong here because of how you write- some thirteen year olds are good writers and good artists, the reason others rag on them is because for the most part, they tend to not be fully developed yet, but you can’t develop without experience, can you :slight_smile: ? And you can’t compare someone thirteen experimenting in the world of writing with a professional adult author, a mistake many make. You have talent. Do not let the misjudgements of others make you think that their judgements mean anything. Take all feedback with a grain of salt, positive or negative, and most of all, write because you love it- do not let others think you’re not ready to write or not able to write well.

Though honestly speaking, I’d say avoid mature themes. If you shouldn’t know about it, don’t write about it, it takes time to develop a full and proper understanding of those to a good extent. You don’t have to write about mature things, despite how much Episode makes it feel that way. In my humble opinion, write all you want, write with your heart, but do not write beyond your age, do not feel pressured to do so, nor should you feel like I’m calling you immature or unable to handle mature content- just there’s an age for most things, and the ability to handle certain themes comes with years.

I’d like to note that @lastwish pointed out the following-

I got a fair amount of this exposure when I was about your age (possibly younger? I was 12-13, I know that for sure). I unintentionally saw and heard about themes that were mature beyond reason (things that still make the current me shudder) from certain people on a daily basis to an extreme extent. And looking back, I can say that with all honesty, this isn’t true. You will not feel any better just because you know these things early. There is a reason why you see older siblings shield their younger siblings or friends from mature themes. Don’t be in a hurry to find out these things, you will find them out with time, and odds are, you will feel much more satisfied for doing so.

And the things you find on Episode generally are not examples of real life, of good relationships, of anything- Episode is a far cry from the reality of things in most cases. Do not look to it for an example of maturity you feel you should have.

So to wrap this all up, here’s my final statement. You shouldn’t feel like you don’t belong entirely. Just be careful with what you read. Don’t treat what you see as a reality or read or write something beyond your maturity level. And don’t think that you’re a bad writer.


Thx!!! :grin::ok_hand:

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post :v:t2:

I completely agree with everything @Lady-Mehek wrote! It was all very well said, in my opinion. All of it.

Try not to write about mature themes that you haven’t personally experienced or done some proper research about. A lot of young authors think that writing about sex (an example I’m choosing because that’s what we see most of on Episode, in a bad way) is easy and they can just write about it based on what they’ve been loosely exposed to (fanfics, pornography, steamy scenes in movies/TV shows/music videos, erotic novels, etc) without actual sexual experience or proper research in sex-ed. Which you shouldn’t be having at that age. Unless you’re solely just writing for people who are your age and are just as clueless about these topics as you are, then I guess it’s fine when you’re just starting. But anyone with a bit more experience and knowledge will likely find it very cringe-worthy, because it’s usually very obvious that a lot of young authors don’t know what they’re writing about when it comes to mature themes. Trust me, you’ll likely cringe really bad at your previous works when you get older, especially if it contained mature themes you didn’t know much about at the time.

So if you want any advice as a young aspiring author, start small by staying away from mature themes for now and use this stage of your life to learn about the techniques of writing and the skill as a whole rather than about “what mature content can I include in my story and what’s going to get me the most reads?”. I’m not saying that that’s what you’re personally asking yourself, but I know a lot of young authors here do.

Anyway, good luck! And don’t stress about it so much. You do belong :blush:

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I exactly know how u feel I am 13yrs old. But I love this community…and I’m not leaving it. I love this community with all my heart. The beautiful stories on Episode makes my day.

I know Episode technically should be for 15+ year olds, but I agree with the people saying that you can still write on Episode!

First of all…you already started writing so why stop? As for the mature themes, I agree with @AllyJay, you really shouldn’t be concerned about them in your age. I guess the swearing is fine though because by now I think most 13 year olds know the bad words.

Second of all, just don’t read the adult themed stories. Episode can be filled with them, but there are stories for younger viewers too, I can assure you. Of course, I know that you really don’t like romance/drama stories based off of one of the topics, and that’s where most of the maturity is.

Third of all, I read one of your stories: Shape Shifting Madness. It’s great! You have some real skill, @dasha_author.

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Okie, thank you!

I absolutely believe you should be on episode. You’re work should not be judged on your age. No matter what age you are, talent is talent!
& you should be free whatever stories you want without judgement.
I welcome you here & I bet a lot of writers and people appreciate you here as well