‼️should i buy procreate

for all u artists out there : SHOULD I BUY PROCREATE???

i have medibang and ibispaint already but i’m still tempted to buy procreate :sob: pls is it worth my money or not


Speaking from personal experience, it’s worth the money! I bought Procreate about a year and a half ago and I really like it, there’s a vast variety of brushes for you to use (they’re in different categories) and if you want more, there are a lot of people that offer free brushes and palettes for you to download onto the app. There’s also tons of tools included (drawing guide, symmetry tool, etc)! It’s a bit confusing to use at first but there’s a lot that comes with the app, you can even make your own brushes. (:


Hey! I would say Procreate is a really, really great app! I use it to draw etc. , and i really like it :slight_smile: Like @Jenaco already said, there are tons of brushes to use and if you’re not happy with how they draw or something you can adjust them to your taste or you can even make your own brushes!
And if you don’t have the time for that you can always download brushes from other people. :slight_smile:


@Jenaco @JayVee27 @Jeni.Creates

i’ve downloaded it now :pensive::point_right:t5::point_left:t5: slowly but surely going broke

thank you awh :heartbeat::pleading_face:

Procreate is a good idea but if you’re broke like me I suggest Adobe Illustration.


Yes! It’s really worth the money :slight_smile: If you want some custom brushes, dm me on Instagram and I’ll send you some good ones :slight_smile:
My Instagram is @jasmine_songday or @jayvee_episode in case you want some suggestions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


aaaa thank uuu ! :pleading_face:i’ll try and get familiar with it firsttt


too late my money is gone :wave:t5::pensive:

lol :joy:

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It’s an amazing app, and there’s also many free brush packs :)), I have some brush packs I made myself, gumroad is an amazing place to find brushes


I personally like it, it was hard changing from ibispaint to procreate cause they are pretty different but it’s worth it


I got procreate a couple of days ago, honestly its worth the money. its so much better then all the free apps I’ve used. i highly recommend you get it.

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@taozipie and Backstaindraws on gumroad have some of the best hair brushes :heart_eyes: