Should I change my story cover?

I have heard that people are more likely to look at your story if it has people on the cover, so I’ve created an alternative and now I’m not so sure I want to change it.
These are the two covers.

  • Keep old cover
  • Use new cover

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At 24 votes, it looks like the new cover might be a winner… or at least better then the old one.

If it’s okay with the guidelines, maybe you could consider adding the little splatter to the new one as well. In that way, you don’t lose the menacing/ mystery aspect that it added to the first one. Like that, it looks like something happy has been interrupted by “death at the beach”. That’s just my opinion though, of course.


In a way it was supposed to be a happy gathering when they find the dead body, the blood spatter still appears on the bigger image.

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Aw, very nice. Good luck with it!

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