Should i change my story idea

I am working on this story. and I have kinda already written it one way. but I am really debating changing it. but I can’t decide. it is the background story for them. it is two lovers who meet again after a long time. he was in the mafia back then. and well her two options.

  • she is an undercover cop. whose job is to get close to the criminal
  • she has lost all her money and the criminal guy helps her

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These are both really great ideas, i personally think the undercover cop idea would work better - you could probably play around with the storyline a bit more with this idea. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, especially if he finds out! But it is your story and you should write which one you prefer, there’s nothing worse than writing a story if your heart’s not entierly in the plot. x

i like both ideas. its just one idea was the idea from the start but i ended up using the other. and even though the story is alright i kinda regret it but i dont if it would better or worse if i changed it

Did you want me to read it and give you some feedback? As long as you have a strong plot either would be fine, you can always make changes later on down the storyline x

your welcome to if you want. I love feedback. if I am gonna change it I got quite a lot to change.

Of course i would love to read it! Are you able to send it to me, or have you published it yet? It’s completely up to you, i can give some feedback though!

it is not published i kinda done with chapter 1 and halfway through chapter 2

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I’ve just finished the first chapter, this is really gripping - i think definitely stay on this path. Maybe just put some transition fades in it, this is only because of the overlays in your hospital scene jumped at the beginning, but literally apart from this your story is really good! I definitely did not see the last bit coming!

yeah i am haveing a hard time making them stop jumping

i am glad you like it

Hmm, have you put the overlays between the background and the transition? Me too! Let me know when you’ve finished episode 2, I’d love to read it!

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