Should I change my story's title?

Hi everyone,
Soooo, I am currently writing a story, called Stockholm Syndrome : the broken one. Someone review it, and that was the best review I got, and she told me that I should change the title.
I’m really using that stockholm syndrome thing all along the story, but it’s not like “A hot guy kidnapped me and now I fall in love with him”. Like NOT AT ALL. But I mean, it really implies Stockholm Syndrome, that’s why I didn’t change it.

So I’d like to have some opinions : when you see that title, what do you think?

Here is the description of the story : Jane, a young beautiful assassin, involved with Mafia, is finally about to get revenge for her father’s death. But things get complicated, when she kidnaps Liam.

Thanks a lot!

(If by chance someone already read some episodes, it would be niiice to give me opinions and tell me if an other title could be representative of that story).



Omigosh, that was my review haha!

I think a name change would definitely help you get more readers. Even though technically your title is accurate to your story, a lot of people would go in thinking it’s going to be about some helpless girl that falls in love with her kidnapper and probably ends in a pregnancy. Because that’s what I first thought it would be about. LOL :grin:

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If you need random ideas of titles

Truth beyond the Broken

When I read your title I see it not as the typical overused plot, I see it as educational because you actually say Stockholm Syndrome. Like, I can expect your story to be about Stockholm Syndrome.

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Hey you!
I don’t know if you kept reading, but at some point of the story this title is great because Jane the MC realize SHE is the one with a Stockholm Syndrome.

But it’s in Episode 22, so I guess people won’t just guess that haha.

Have you any suggestions?

What if I make it : The Broken One : stockholm syndrome.

It’s funny because the titles you suggest are actually accurate!

Have you read the story?


I did, but I haven’t caught up that much just yet. I’m very slow haha.

Actually I quite like that switch around for the title. It’s a small difference but just might be enough. Maybe when the feed feature rolls out to everyone, you could do a poll for your followers to help you pick?

I have not due to I’m on vacation and WIFI is lil’ messy and terrible right now D: