Should I change my username...?

Hey guys !

i was thinking abt changing my user name, & came up with some ideas ! i would love it if you guys could vote on my poll to help me decide ! :))

i was thinking abt the ‘serial’ username since my pfp is a murder. sooooo like going off of a serial killer kind of vibe :smirk:

Change Username?
  • syddstories (keep current username)
  • serialsydd
  • serialsyd
  • serial.syd
  • serial_syd
  • serial_sydd
  • spicysydd
  • spicysyd
  • spicy_sydd
  • spicy_syd
  • spicy.syd
  • spicy.sydd
  • Other (comment below :))

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thanks a ton everyone !! if you have any other ideas, pls comment them down below !! :heart:


bump cause i only have 3 votes :((

@MMG could uu pls hook a bestie up & tag some ppls to vote :pensive:


I like your username, no need to change it :pleading_face::raised_hand:t4:.

I’m curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow: how did you even come up with your username?

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aww ty :pleading_face:!!

& my name is sydney and almost EVERYONE in my life calls me syd for short so i went off of that. then i started writing episode stories, so at first i was thinking something like ‘sydd.writes’ but i’ve always loved making usernames that have the letter s in them.

- some examples of oldddddd usernames hehe

soooooo i eventually came up with ‘sydd.stories’ for my instagram ! & for this, i did syddstories, just without the ‘.’ so it wasn’t exactly the same :))

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I love it :raised_hand:t4::yellow_heart:

But if you want to change it then that’s okay too!

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ty ! i’m thinking abt just keeping it tbh :sweat_smile:

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I think if you are having doubts you should change it to what you feel fits you. For me, I chose this username randomly and thought I wouldn’t last on Episode but I’ve done so much with my username and feel as though I should leave changing it so as not to cause confusion. But if I could take back time, this is not the username I would go with. If you’re planning on staying long term in a community, near the beginning, spend a lot of time finding the username right for you.

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Yas queen :crown::raised_hand:t4::relieved:

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yessss :relieved: :crown:

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thank uu so much for the advice ! i’ll definitely be taking this into consideration ! :))

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