Should I complete a story before publishing it?

So I’m Still! Writing my story “Unfolded with a scar” but I have to keep restarting it as I can’t seem to get it started without it seeming cheesy :joy::joy:

But I work a lot, spend time with family and friends blah blah blah. So even if my story was a hit (we can but dream) I would probably not be able to stick to a schedule. Would I be waisting my time writing the story in full and then release each episode bit by bit in case no one reads it?

Obviously I’d be having people to test chapters and stuff but completing it first would mean I could release chapters slowly on a schedule to keep readers reading.

What are your guys thoughts on this?


I like when a story isn’t completed. I like waiting for stories because it makes me like them more. :sneezing_face:


In the description you shouldn’t give away the whole twin thing. It should be a plot twist in the story. :heart:


Thanks for that :slight_smile: I would be releasing the episodes slowly to keep readers hanging on :joy::joy: and thats a good point. I wasn’t actually planning on making that a twist but actually as it’s not explained until something like the 3 episode. So it probably is a good idea to take that out and make it a twist.

Well, if I could go back in time, I definitely want to go back and write more episodes, if not all episodes, of a story before I actually did hit publish. I think it depends what you have planned though. If you’re planning a long story with several seasons, I think writing the first season and publishing that before taking a break is totally fine. People won’t complain too much as long as you’re transparent and explain its the season finale and the next season won’t be out for a few months.

If you’re planning a shorter story though, like less than 15 episodes, then I’d encourage you to write it all out completely before publishing. That way you can tie up any loose ends or plot holes you may have forgotten about when you read the entire story in whole, you can change things in the first episodes without having to worry about any existing readers getting confused, you can also have an updating schedule and can control how frequent you update. Plus, not having to worry about writing future episodes gives you so much more time to focus on promoting


If you have the energy and motivation to fully write out a story before publishing, do it. Otherwise, it’s totally fine to wait and announce new chapters when they’re finally done.

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