Should I continue my story?

I’m participating in the Missed Connection contest, however I’ve missed out 4 weeks(I was on holiday and don’t have my pc with me) and I only have almost 1 episode done. I’m sure I probably won’t have enough time to finish writing before the deadline (it’s in 2 weeks) because of school and stuff.
I’ve got the plot, characters, backgrounds and splashes/art scene(I drew it myself, I wouldn’t request it from someone else knowing I may not use it) and I’m kinda proud of what I have right now, so if I dump the story I would feel quite guilty, but I know I would never finish it on time.
I also thought of continue writing the story, but publishing it as just a story, not part of the contest. But the whole theme of the story is basically “Missed Connection”, so I really don’t know what to do.
What are your suggestions? I really need help cause I can’t decide what to do with my story.


I recommend keeping at it. Keep going and even if you miss the deadline, post it separately. Although, I think the better option would be to take it slow, rushed work can lead to spelling errrors and sloppy directing! But… keep a postivie mind set!



I feel like you should complete it. Try to make it to the contest but if it’s not possible then atleast you give a wonderful story to the readers so your efforts won’t be wasted on nothing. So I wish you all the best. Use your time well and rock it :grin::+1:t2::yellow_heart: