Should I continue writing my story?

My story is a bit cliche, to be honest – it’s about a girl who wins a reality TV show contest and gets a show made about her. She moves to L.A and suddenly has to deal with being on camera 24/7. It has romance, drama, and crime as subplots.

I have dozens of other ideas that are way better than this, but I’ve already written over 6500 lines of the first chapter, and I don’t want to quit since this is the furthest I’ve ever made it when writing a story.

What should I do?


I don’t think it sounds too cliche! I really like the idea. If you don’t want to quit on it, I say don’t do it. Sometimes we all feel that way about something, but end up changing our minds. A lot of the time when I’m writing a story and I don’t like it, I try to continue writing. Sometimes it helps me to like it, and other times it just makes me hate it more. I think you should try writing a little more of it and see how you feel then.

I say scratch that, and start working on something that you’ll actually like!
If you don’t like your work, you’re going to lose motivation to write it!

well, it really depends. if its something that you want to continue working on, then definitely pursue it! im sure that you could manage to add some unique twists, and put your own spin on things. i personally love cliches lol
but, if its not something that you feel passionate about anymore, then maybe you could either take a break and end some inspiration, or start focusing on a new story. or thats at least what i would do lol

I think you should keep this story but work on the other ones that you have. Then when you are done with the other ideas, you can see if you still want to write it. If you don’t, you could give your story plot to someone else and the lines you wrote. I’m also going through that so i decided to write another story before i start on the one that I don’t want to do right now. You could also change the story up so that you would want to write it.

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Thanks for the advice everyone! I’ll continue writing the story, and make another one on the side.

It’s okay if it’s cliche. The concept may be cliche, but you can still add your own twists and turns. You can add to it. Some cliche stories are super well-written, and people still enjoy them. But honestly, it’s up to you. If you aren’t satisfied with it, it’s also good to consider just trying again. If you are still passionate about the idea, you should continue.

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