Should I do an Art contest? 💗

hey lovess

I know you probably don’t care or maybe you do. Well, lots of people enjoy doing Art and are really talented here on forums. I have not been doing edits recently but hopefully will start again after learning how to use sketchbook properly. If you have tips for SketchBook too that’d be nice. Anyways, just vote and comment possbily?

Should I do an art contest, and comment what should be the theme… Also if you’re interested!

  • Yess
  • No

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yess! but only if you join my art contest :joy:

the theme could be nature?

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I have been thinking about yours anyway! I will try to join :heartpulse:

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thank you, girl :slightly_smiling_face::revolving_hearts:

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Maybe like a sesonal contest to were you pick a seaon give it to them and they have to create edit/artwork that fits that season. Honestly have no idea lol :woman_facepalming:t4: :joy: