Should I do it? Clickbait

I’ve noticed that almost everyone is saying that they would like to read something non-romantic, but if someone publishes a story about mental health nobody reads it. I don’t know a famous story about mental health that is hyped rn. I plan to write a story about mental health and at the beginning, it will look like a romantic story, but then it will be about two characters getting closer as friends. Nothing more, nothing less. I think to clickbait, my readers. Everything shouldn’t be about the reads, but otherwise, I won’t get a little attention. Should I do it? I’ve planned the first episode, and from it, people will think that it will be a romantic story. I can’t change the plot of the first episode. But should I change it a little? Or I should clickbait people.


i think you should keep the story how it is but explain in the beginning (of the first chapter) that it’s not a romance

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