Should I do it?

Should I get sims 3 or 4? And why? :joy:

Sims 4! It’s amazinggggg! You can download mods (but don’t download to many), the pets are cute, they just came out with seasons, and you can have a lot of different jobs!

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the 4th!

I have sims 4

gettt it

Get Sims 4

Sims 3 is the best in my opinion (the open world is everything) Create-a-Style Tool is awesome, you can make everything look like you want!

If you like building and an open world aspect: sims 3
better graphics and and some pretty cool packs and mods: sims 4

Personally, I think sims 3 is better. You can do so much there, it gives off that nice nostalgia kind of vibe, has a lot of stuff in content (I mean A LOT), better expansion packs, open world, more creativity etc. But Sims 4 is good too. It has better graphics, building/creating is more user-friendly, hardly any bugs, nice customization etc.

As for those who never played sims, I’d say Sims 4. It’s just pretty easy and has great graphics (c: